Al-Futtaim, India’s Redinent team up to secure UAE IoT ecosystem

MoU aims to facilitate protecting the CCTV networks across the UAE
Al-Futtaim, India’s Redinent team up to secure UAE IoT ecosystem
A photo from the signing ceremony

UAE-based engineering company Al-Futtaim Engineering & Technologies (AFET) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Redinent to support the UAE’s secure IoT ecosystem. The MoU aims to facilitate future alliances for protecting the CCTV networks across the UAE. 

Razi Hamada, General Manager – Digital Transformation, Al-Futtaim Engineering & Technologies, said: ” The new proposed package of Managed Security-Services will enable the organizations we work with to accurately assess the security postures of their cameras so that they are not vulnerable to cyberattacks and insider threats. It can be easily deployed in critical infrastructure places like Airports, Metro Stations, Power Grids, Banks, etc where the risk and impact of cyber-attacks are very high.”

With the rapid deployments of CCTV cameras and IoT devices and the increasing rate of cyber-attacks, there was an urgent requirement for an automated Enterprise Grade CCTV camera threat scanning tool.

Redinent is one of the fastest emerging players in IoT Cybersecurity based out of Bangalore, India. The company provides specialized and advanced technology security solutions in embedded systems and IoT devices like CCTV IP cameras, NVRs, GNSS Receivers, Smart Energy Meters, etc. Redinent’s automated threat assessment solution finds vulnerabilities and weaknesses in IoT devices.