brand experiences
Brand experiences provide a unique level of storytelling and inspiration
burnout at the workplace
Toxic workplace conduct is a significant contributor to employee burnout
Why we need to produce water more efficiently and use it more wisely
Android 13
Android apps enjoyed an average opt-in rate of 85-90%
Battling and overcoming childhood ailments, one woman made it her business to help  
Ramadan businesses
Over 50% of GCC consumers spend more during Ramadan
Sustainable Construction
Academia can help create a dynamic and thriving innovation ecosystem
Integrated solutions through 16 submarine cables and 25 data centers
employee-centric initiatives
Unhappy employees could cost businesses $500 bn in losses a year
success women
We must begin by recognizing the barriers that exist
gender leadership
Laila Almheiri:  Everyone has their battles to fight
Isabel Neiva is never afraid to step out of her comfort zone
Education for Women
Caroline Faraj: Women gender is an asset, not an obstacle
working women
PWC: Employers face the challenge of a leaky pipeline
An Emirati woman’s journey to leadership at Amazon UAE
UAE financial wealth
UAE aims to boost family businesses’ contributions to GDP to $320 bn by 2030
better world
The power of partnerships for a socially sustainable future
Here’s how technology and people are leading the way
digital asset payments
The ME region received $271.7 billion worth of digital currency
"We place sustainability at the very core of our business"
UAE Economy Minister
Population to be protected from inflation, external shocks
Egypt economy
Interview with Egypt’s Minister of Planning & Economic Development 
UAE workplace
Investing in the wants and needs of the workforce is key
GCC growth
Non-oil sectors, green transition, are major propellers
SMC Saudi
SMC is behind highly influential sports and entertainment media campaigns
AI attacks
Generative AI is upon us. Harness it, before it replaces us
Green Taxonomies around the world
The financial sector has a central role in helping to finance the green transition
UAE medical hub
Investments in technology, infrastructure, and human capital
Vara Virtual assets
Covering strong governance, compliance, and consumer protection
Binance: Stopping rogue digital criminal networks calls for collaboration at top levels
humanity and generations
Clout of future governments to be measured by ability to adopt technology 
Bell helicopte
He tells Economy Middle East about the future of aviation
Saudi market
Investment into Saudi comes from across the globe
UAE commercial law
Previous commercial agency law dates back some 40 years
Educators will continue to play an essential and irreplaceable role
Dubai D33
Dubai could issue D33 Bonds with varying maturity periods
Digital disruption LEAP
Key ones combine the powers of Cloud, IoT, and Analytics
sustainable finance
Global ESG assets could exceed $50 trillion by 2025
electric mobility UAE
The MEA E-Bike Market projected to reach $1.27 billion by 2027
Health Workplace
Addressing the challenges faced by employees and managers
retail Malls
Increasing focus on ESG practices of retailers
F&B trends
Demand growing for healthy and organic options
AI City
Discover the vision and concept behind the groundbreaking project
Success in business
Serial entrepreneur, Sara Al Madani: “Driven to try new things”
UAE tax
Exploring implications for businesses, investments and incomes
Company is connecting global economy with EaaS cloud, ICT power
green economy
Emmanuel Givanakis: “Climate Transition Funds pivotal for UAE”
Mehryar Ghazali: “Corporate banking on a slower pace of innovation”
Climate change
The global economy could shed 10% of its total economic value by 2050
Cloud computing
Enterprises face a variety of security threats
Investor relations
Providing yoy or qoq comparisons not enough to inspire investment
DIFC digital court
Empowered to modify digital assets and use smart forms
World Economy
Financial markets have acted as a harbinger of economic trends
Gut health workplace
How a healthy gut benefits CEOs, employees, and managers
Sustainable finance
AirCarbon: First voluntary carbon trading and clearinghouse
UAE economic
...and lays foundations for innovation-driven future
Latest research and its applications for business leaders
UAE women
Assured annual portfolio growth with minimum risks
Mandarin Oriental Doha
The chic and contemporary Hotel is located at Msheireb Downtown
infinity EV
INFINITI has focused on the human experience
Technology trends
UAE’s fintech industry projected to be worth $2.5 billion in 2022
Ultimate Motors Lamborghini
The UAE based company will handle all sales, after sales and customer service
UAE innovation
This year also witnessed a major shift in UAE work practices
digital trust
Technology today enables us to precisely identify genuine individuals
high inflation
For businesses these days, keeping the lights on is challenging
Livestreaming applications see strong demand in 2021
deals market
Using laser-focused due diligence and real-time data analytics
Sunset Hospitality
We speak to Guillaume Ferraz, Managing Director of the Day Life Division
Cruise tourism
Qatar hits the ground running for the upcoming cruise season
burning man
Harley K. Dubois, founder and Chief Culture Officer ot Burning Man
Devmark Group
Instant gratification for both buyers and sellers
network slicing
Service providers can optimize traffic for specific use cases
He's an entrepreneur with a game plan for the greater good
Alef education
We’ve had an education system that has been stuck in the past
Krystian Hordejuk, Beverage Director of Tashas Group
Herbs and botanicals of the Cycladic Islands of Greece come to Dubai
Catch bad actors, avoid falling prey to money laundering and fraud
Waldorf Astoria, Kuwait
Seasoned hotelier and General Manager Kemal Sirtikirmizi tells it all
southern cyprus
The company is the trusted name behind luxury properties
CEO appointments
A definite shift in appointing CEOs from within the company
Healthcare innovation
In the UAE, the healthcare sector is among the fastest growing
1000 Miglia UAE
Martin Halder, the man behind the 1000 Miglia UAE Experience Jubilee Edition
Diversification is a strategic move that can help us develop and expand
Chopard Co-President: “We must respect our planet” 
Bell Flights
Bell is the oldest helicopter manufacturer on the planet
ALEF education
Application of AI in the classroom has several benefits
Masaood Group
For 5 decades, growing hand in hand with the nation
Actively making life easier for people.
Global Media Congress ideal gateway for regional emerging companies
Arif Amiri
Dubai is consistently the highest-ranked financial centre in MEASA 
DEWA is studying a proposal for building a hydrogen fueling station in Dubai
Unbelievable venues, performances, showcase gems offered by the emirate
Expanding expertise, footprint in creating multi-sensory venues
Sharjah FDI
Home to thriving healthcare, tourism, and manufacturing sectors
Joe Chidiac
The UAE is enjoying great successes in diversifying its economic base
sustainable GCC
Construction industry responsible for almost 40% of global carbon emissions
Chinese cuisine
The Dubai outpost of this fine restaurant brings Northern Chinese cooking to life in the DIFC
But more public-private collaboration is needed
Porsche Centre Abu Dhabi and Al Ain offers customers vital support
We can help financial services players participate in the crypto space
It's incredibly critical to always be ahead with innovation
The world still relies on fossil fuels for 83% of its energy
crypto trading
Doshi is gamifying blockchain, crypto, toward learning and earning
A 300 to 500% increase in business expected during event
Significant restructuring of the country's current immigration policy
OGCI has supported the development of multiple low-carbon hubs
Stella Stays putting rental power in the hands of its residents
Amira Sajwani
New platform will simplify the property ownership journey
Here’s how to mitigate their concerns
The emirate saw the world’s biggest climb in prime property prices in 2021
We get the low-down on the most exciting race on water
UAE employees are protected under the unemployment insurance scheme
flexible work
Job seekers today are seeking more than just a paycheck
A healthy set of teeth is arguably one of the most versatile tools we own
stc into fintech, IoT, AI, data, connectivity, 5G, e-gaming and all what matters
Community building around marque’s enthusiasts remains a priority
Community commerce is reshaping how people buy and sell
Boldness, innovation are key drivers of Al Masaood Automobiles legacy
Sharjah Media City targets talented individuals in media
How sirar by stc is securing organizations’ digital transformation efforts
PwC: Where your cash goes determines where your business is heading
Joe Chidiac
The Nasdaq 100 Index of US technology stocks is facing a historic wipeout
Companies are future-proofing product, service offerings on metaverse
Find out who is exempt and what tax rates apply
vistage provides monthly support for critical decision-making   
Muhannad Al Khateeb, General Manager, Inside Burj Al Arab
One of the most luxurious hotels in the world opens its doors to the public
The UAE ranks well above the global average in overall well-being
Sustainable growth
An increasing numbers of women becoming entrepreneurs
Distinct opportunities for GCC banks as they progress along the maturity curve
Gen Zers
Most Gen Zers are more anxious about the number in their bank account
business in Saudi
Businesses should embrace rapidly changing “Saudization” initiatives
Consumer-electronics purchase behavior constantly changing
Stocks of such companies will be more visible to potential investors
Adoption of green pathways is a gender-neutral responsibility
Simplify the experience and lower the cost
Sustainable real estate movement continues to gain rapid ground globally
Digital financial services market to exceed $10 trn in 5 years
user experience
Every $1 invested in UX can bring in an average of $100 in return
Not possible for oil sector to be in isolation from overall energy sources
Automation of retail
Shopping journey to link to shopper’s eCommerce retailer account
Test if you have any infections. You really need to resolve this before getting started
Measures simplify, and speed up the process of incorporating business 
The number one factor supporting happiness will surprise you
If Bitcoin is gold’s digital alternative, look for $500k per   
Banks 300 times more likely than any other industry to be cyber targeted
Expatriates experience a strong sense of home and comfort
85% of UAE companies saw productivity increase after shift to hybrid work
Inter Emirates Motors
The famous British marque taking the automotive industry by storm
66% of UAE residents have received messages from fraudsters posing as their bank
Connected cars by Ben Barber
Are you just driving in your car? That will soon be a thing of the past!
Julia Hobsbawm’s new book clues us on the here and now too
Business travel is regaining momentum as a growing number of companies look at it to secure growth
German marque's performance division behind most iconic cars
Bitcoin, alt-coins, highly correlated with NASDAQ, S&P 500
Jeffrey Henseler, Founder of Passport Legacy
Portugal, which started its program in 2012, remains the most popular
Oliver Cronk GDPR
Risk analysis is another important area of GDPR compliance
 Middle East businesses should seize digital transformation opportunities
From gaming, to travel, jobs and more, nothing is off-limits
crypto regulation
Regulators say the move is in the interest of investors
Issam Kazim
The secrets behind Dubai’s successes revealed
The shift to electric significantly reduces carbon emissions
Fintech, developers can drive market opportunities on
How the past 4 decades shaped the future of UAE’s top yacht builder.
Africa is a significant part of our firm’s long-term expansion strategy
HBMSU Chancellor
HBMSU, global partners, bring best of breed e-learning capabilities
Services are delivered promptly 24/7, replacing long waiting hours
digital transformation
Startups are the most agile and therefore best positioned for quick shifts
Eduardo Greghi, CEO of The Kusnacht Practice
You can look at taking care of your mental health as an investment
Cloud Kitchen Mohamed al Fayed- CEO of GrubTech
Digital trends taking place in apparel and beauty started happening with food
Efficinent building
The industry stakeholders lost sight of buildings’ unsustainable energy usage
health ramadan
A person should Think about the type and quantity of food they eat
biofuel Karl Fielder
Neutral Fuels is turning waste into green energy
Saudi IPO
In line with Vision 2030, we are currently witnessing a massive transformation within the Kingdom
Climate change
With business activity back, the world may go back to high-carbon ways
ocean sustainability fashion
Tiny behavioral changes can be colossal in saving oceans  
invasion market
it seems like energy was intentionally left out of the sanctions package
passport Citizenship
Two things impede global mobility today: border closures and delayed visas
online advertising
Advertising is turning out to be more adaptable, robust than some predicted
NFT slump
The law is yet to be published in the official gazette
Earned wage access
Earned wage access is a technology born of these digital times we live in
embedded finance
Embedded finance is emerging as key to meeting customer expectations
female owner
women eclipse men in skills like teamwork, innovation, and problem-solving
Metaverse wormen
Women, in some cases, are reporting frustrations on VR platforms
Human care
Brands can no longer sustain their businesses based solely on profit-making
Walid Gomaa
$23 billion is expected to be spent on the sector in the UAE
Brands expert
"I want to ensure that in every customer journey, all customers are engaged"
A chat with a potential end-user on social media is selling
Women have heroically confronted the COVID-19 pandemic as doctors, nurses
change leader
Being a change leader separates the most influential managers from the rest
Hybrid work legal
Adopting hybrid or remote work triggered several legal conflicts
Emotional intelligence
emotional self-control is possibly the most valuable skill at work
Is AI the answer to underpinning 5G mobile networks?
The computer-simulated reality on the metaverse carries risks
Tabet: We expect 3.2% growth in the Arab world in 2022
hybrid meeting
Nearly 1 in 3 workers struggle to feel heard
الأوراق المالية الرقمية
Blockchain-based digital assets have come a long way in a short space of time
موظفين أذكياء
You have nothing to fear, everything to gain by hiring smart employees
Visa’s Global Chief Risk Officer uncovers the latest security trends to watch out for in the coming year
Drone Delivering Package
New technologies present opportunities for faster service
Equity markets outlook bullish after spectacular 2021
How will an energy crunch impact the shift to renewables?
Kingdom effects legislative renaissance supporting economy, global positioning
Updates boost Emirates attractiveness as investment hub
Here's how higher inflation rates affect you
Digital Asset Management
Digital asset management, a key to future prosperity
Portrayal as villains in film taints image of technology
Western double standards risk reducing production levels
The world shares a common destiny, says Badr Al Olama


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Battling and overcoming childhood ailments, one woman made it her business to help  
Integrated solutions through 16 submarine cables and 25 data centers
brand experiences
Brand experiences provide a unique level of storytelling and inspiration
burnout at the workplace
Toxic workplace conduct is a significant contributor to employee burnout
Why we need to produce water more efficiently and use it more wisely

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Vara Virtual assets
Covering strong governance, compliance, and consumer protection
UAE commercial law
Previous commercial agency law dates back some 40 years
UAE tax
Exploring implications for businesses, investments and incomes