Interview with Carl Manlan, VP of inclusive impact and sustainability for Visa CEMEA

In a world buzzing with thousands of transactions every second, Carl Manlan, Visa’s VP of inclusive impact and sustainability, for CEMEA, sees an opportunity to nudge billions towards a greener future. One payment at a time.

A recent Visa study in the GCC paints a clear picture: 50% of people consider climate change a major concern. This growing awareness fuels a shift in consumer behavior, with a surge in eco-conscious businesses and individuals seeking sustainable options.

Manlan mentions “Ecolytiq”, a groundbreaking personal banking platform (a first in the UAE and MENA), that allows users to track their carbon footprint through every transaction. This transparency, Manlan believes, is key to sparking meaningful change.

Talking about the next generation, he sees a bright and better future “because we have younger people that realize that they can take action, and we at Visa can support them”.

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