Green Egypt
Plastics, CO2, recycling high on projects’ agenda
Cairo launches today the National Climate Change Strategy 2050
Egypt central bank
“HC”: Inflation figures for April higher than estimates
April’s $629 million in revenues highest ever in a month  
Sector contributes 12% of Egypt's GDP and provides 10% of total jobs
The government has identified $9 billion in assets to offer this year
This translates into 4.255 percent of valU’s issued capital
A lost golden city. An ancient Zeus temple. A 4500-year-old statue
Revenues amounted to $629 million in April
Egypt IMF
The Spring Meetings examine the global economic impact of war and food security concerns
The country's present focus is on the local wheat crop
Egypt, Saudi collaborate to invest in Saudi's fintech sector
Egypt tops African countries in VC transactions
The IMF praised "authorities' recent actions to expand targeted social protection
Egypt budget
The measure aims to deal with the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis
Egypt’s Central Bank Governor: Maintain FX liquidity, investor confidence
Egyptian pound
The Central Bank raises interest rates for the first time since 2017
Egypt financial
The Central Bank of Egypt is expected to raise interest rates
Egypt real estate
Egypt among the countries boasting the world's largest smart cities
Egyptian pound
JP Morgan: There is a likely need to depreciate the pound
EFG Hermes advisory complete
The IPO is the premiere listing of Egyptian cosmeceutical players
Block chain network and programming concept on technology background
Technology ensures invulnerable data security
Stabilizing inflation among institution's main goals
Egypt exchange additions follow bullish 2021
New tech cuts cost per bit, ups capacity per wavelength for Telecom Egypt