Egypt inflation
Money supply grew 31.5% year-on-year in February
egypt budget
The new budget estimated the inflation rate at 16 percent
Egypt central bank
The meeting comes on the heels of inflation reaching historic levels
Egypt Brics
More than 90 projects totaling $32 billion were funded by the Bank
طربول معرض عقاري
Tarboul is one of the most attractive investment destinations in region
New Delta
Project to boost food security in the Arab world’s most populous country
EFG Hermes
During the 17th Annual EFG Hermes One-on-One Conference opening session
crypto scam Egypt
29 detained lured investors by fraudulent means
EFG Hermes
Offering insights into key trends impacting today's frontier, emerging markets
Egypt FDI inflows
Government seeks to grow private sector participation
Hours after the increase in gasoline prices
EGYPTAIR delivery
Making the airline the first African operator of the aircraft.
Egypt sukuk
Egypt aims to raise $5 billion in sukuk issuances within 6 months
egypt real estate market
Optimism prevails nevertheless for long-term outlook
Egypt shares
Amid country's plans to reduce government's economic footprint
Egypt Moody's
Due to country's diminished external buffers, shock absorption ability
MNT-Halan funding
USD200 million in equity came from Chimera Abu Dhabi
Egypt finds
Oldest gold-wrapped non-royal mummy among discoveries
Re2med telecom egypt
Company invested $500 million to develop international infrastructure
Date aligns with that of the US Federal Reserve
Egypt plastic
Start-up TileGreen turns plastic waste into eco-friendly tiles
Egypt construction
Project activity holds steady even amid macroeconomic challenges
New company aims to provide financial services to micro, small enterprises
Egypt spending cut
Due to a foreign currency shortage
Egypt inflation
Inflation rates jumped to 24.4% at end December
Egyptian pound
Fell 6.6% to about 26.5 pounds per dollar
oil&gas exploration
لإhe tender, the third of its kind, was set for 12 blocks
The Egyptian Central Bank monitors illegal dollar practices
Expectations of an increase of 100-200 basis points
Egypt financing
For the state's development sectors and the private sector
Egypt gas
Driving country's efforts to establish itself as a regional energy hub
Egypt IMF
Egyptian Cabinet: Agreement aims to reduce debt
Egypt maritime borders
Country to capitalize on opportunities for oil and gas exploration
Egypt metaverse city
By celebrating the 100th anniversary of King Tut’s tomb
Egypt IMF
Egypt has $16 billion in external financing gap over four years
Egypt PMI
Falling to 45.4 from in November 47.4 in October
The first private sector IPO on the DFM since 2014
Fifth-generation city
A bid to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change on the Delta
A company dedicated to receiving investments from Egyptians abroad
COP 27
"Fund for loss and damage"and "rapid" reduction of emissions
Highlighting country's ability to attract private investment in strategic sectors
UAE also launched national net zero pathway by 2050
Grain exports
Egypt consumes 20 million tons of wheat annually
Egypt tourim
Egypt aims for $30 billion in tourism revenues by 2025
Funding gap
Expected to be reduced after reaching agreement with IMF
The annual inflation rate was 16.3% in October
Train network will connect "Ain Sukhna, Alexandria, El Alamein, and Matrouh
The program's total investments amount to $14.7 bn
COP 27
Madbouly: "Solidarity among all parties has become an unavoidable option"
Following discussions about acquiring stakes in Egyptian companies
Green hydrogen
New project using Egyptian engineers and state-of-the-art technology
On declining liquidity and access to international markets
The historical city in danger of drowning
COP 27
The transition to renewables will 'take longer than expected'
COP 27
Summit will cover a wide range of climate mitigation and adaptation topics
COP 27
Rishi Sunak reverses decision to skip climate talks
Egypt IMF
Prior to the agreement, Egypt hiked key interest rates by 2%
Egyptian pound
Overnight lending rate at 14.25% and deposit rate at 13.25%
And maintains electricity prices through June 2023
Egypt sovereign fund
UAE investments in Egypt valued at $4.9 bn in 9 months
Egypt cotton
Egypt has abundant production of long-staple cotton varieties
Egypt's central bank is redesigning its currency trading system
Standard & Poor's confirms Egypt's rating at B with stable outlook
Egypt pound
"The pace of the Egyptian pound's decline has already begun"
Egypt IMF
Country reveals three axes of economic reform prior to loan
Registering 15.3%, up from 14.6% in August
Fish farm
Project valued at 1 billion Egyptian pounds
Egyptian pound
CBE decided lately to keep key interest rates unchanged
First tranche of the offerings to be announced within four weeks
Gas export
108 international agreements signed valued at $22 bn for gas excavation
Boeing 747-8
Purchase branded unjustifiable in a time of economic turmoil
It approved increasing percentage of cash reserves that banks need to keep
IOC's President will discuss bid with Sisi on Sept. 24
Egypt yacht tourism
Three yacht ports to be established from Suez Canal revenues
IMF: Negotiations with Egypt are in very advanced stages
"Egypt working hard to increase foreign direct investment"
Demands to provide dollars to ensure tea imports
Beverage industry, electrical appliance production rose by 15.54%
COP 27
The African continent needs billions in assistance for food security
Virtual hospital
Center will serve Bedouin communities in South Sinai
The government announced refusal to lift subsidies on bread
Trade exchange between two countries surged by $1.2 bn in Q1
Country's exposure to GCC countries exceeded $25.9 bn
Sisi names Hassan Abdullah as caretaker governor of the CBE
The day before the bank meets to make a decision on interest
"Fitch" expects 300 basis points rise in upcoming meetings
Net profit increased to EGP 391.5 mn in Q2 2022
Shops and malls will have to limit their use of strong lights
Poorer countries scream foul, and China out of climate negotiations
"Deal in line with Egypt's plan to encourage FDI"
Inflation reached 13.6% in July, compared to 13.2% in June
Suez Canal
To confront crises and emergencies in the country
COP 27
Summit will be crucial to Africa’s response to climate change
Capital Economics: Currency to drop to 21 pounds/dollar by end 2022
Central Bank offered purchase price of US dollar against EGP 19.01
New discovery may be 1 of 4 lost Ancient Egyptian “sun temples”
The Fund downgraded Egypt's real GDP forecast to 4.8%
Egyptians can now link bank accounts, make withdrawals
Egypt, Saudi, and Turkey have shown interest in joining the group
The Egyptian army controls a large portion of the economy
Economy, GDP, boosted by utilities sector and mega construction projects 
Nearly 600 keys are expected to be delivered by the end of this year
Pound reached a low of 18.91 pounds against the dollar
Prices of diesel supplied to the food and electricity industries were fixed
External support is required to avoid uncontrolled currency depreciation
Last week, Egypt bought the most wheat in at least a decade
KFC has been dominating Egypt’s market for many decades now
The pound hits its lowest level in over 5 years
Egypt ranks second after the UAE in terms of fintech funding deals
The Canal's revenues are expected to increase to $13.5 bn in 2023
It Increased cash withdrawals from ATMs of other banks to 4,000 EGP
Funds will help strengthen Egypt’s resilience to food crises
This is equivalent to 5.5% of the country's GDP
Finance Minister worried about further rate hikes
Categories like cereals, breads, oil, and fats saw a major price rise
The amount of gold in the Egypt's Central Bank increased by 54%
Many investors are showing interest in setting up investments in Egypt
Other plans include increasing industrial exports to reach $30 bln
FDI from privatization are projected at $10 billion annually over 4 years
A draft "state financial policy document" is submitted to the Cabinet 
Export capacity to amount to 12 million tons annually within 3 years
Green Egypt
Plastics, CO2, recycling high on projects’ agenda
Cairo launches today the National Climate Change Strategy 2050
Egypt central bank
“HC”: Inflation figures for April higher than estimates
April’s $629 million in revenues highest ever in a month  
Sector contributes 12% of Egypt's GDP and provides 10% of total jobs
The government has identified $9 billion in assets to offer this year
This translates into 4.255 percent of valU’s issued capital
A lost golden city. An ancient Zeus temple. A 4500-year-old statue
Revenues amounted to $629 million in April
Egypt IMF
The Spring Meetings examine the global economic impact of war and food security concerns
The country's present focus is on the local wheat crop
Egypt, Saudi collaborate to invest in Saudi's fintech sector
Egypt tops African countries in VC transactions
The IMF praised "authorities' recent actions to expand targeted social protection
Egypt budget
The measure aims to deal with the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis
Egypt’s Central Bank Governor: Maintain FX liquidity, investor confidence
Egyptian pound
The Central Bank raises interest rates for the first time since 2017
Egypt financial
The Central Bank of Egypt is expected to raise interest rates
Egypt real estate
Egypt among the countries boasting the world's largest smart cities
Egyptian pound
JP Morgan: There is a likely need to depreciate the pound
EFG Hermes advisory complete
The IPO is the premiere listing of Egyptian cosmeceutical players
Block chain network and programming concept on technology background
Technology ensures invulnerable data security
Stabilizing inflation among institution's main goals
Egypt exchange additions follow bullish 2021
New tech cuts cost per bit, ups capacity per wavelength for Telecom Egypt