Jeffrey Henseler, Founder of Passport Legacy
Portugal, which started its program in 2012, remains the most popular
Oliver Cronk GDPR
Risk analysis is another important area of GDPR compliance
 Middle East businesses should seize digital transformation opportunities
From gaming, to travel, jobs and more, nothing is off-limits
digital transformation
Startups are the most agile and therefore best positioned for quick shifts
Efficinent building
The industry stakeholders lost sight of buildings’ unsustainable energy usage
health ramadan
A person should Think about the type and quantity of food they eat
Saudi IPO
In line with Vision 2030, we are currently witnessing a massive transformation within the Kingdom
Climate change
With business activity back, the world may go back to high-carbon ways
invasion market
it seems like energy was intentionally left out of the sanctions package
online advertising
Advertising is turning out to be more adaptable, robust than some predicted
female owner
women eclipse men in skills like teamwork, innovation, and problem-solving
Metaverse wormen
Women, in some cases, are reporting frustrations on VR platforms
Brands expert
"I want to ensure that in every customer journey, all customers are engaged"
Women have heroically confronted the COVID-19 pandemic as doctors, nurses
change leader
Being a change leader separates the most influential managers from the rest
Emotional intelligence
emotional self-control is possibly the most valuable skill at work
hybrid meeting
Nearly 1 in 3 workers struggle to feel heard
الأوراق المالية الرقمية
Blockchain-based digital assets have come a long way in a short space of time
موظفين أذكياء
You have nothing to fear, everything to gain by hiring smart employees
Visa’s Global Chief Risk Officer uncovers the latest security trends to watch out for in the coming year
Equity markets outlook bullish after spectacular 2021
How will an energy crunch impact the shift to renewables?
Here's how higher inflation rates affect you
Digital Asset Management
Digital asset management, a key to future prosperity
Portrayal as villains in film taints image of technology
Western double standards risk reducing production levels