UAE metaverse
New service ensures security of data using artificial intelligence
Arab Health HIV
38.4 million people living with HIV and 1.5 million new infections in 2021
healthcare spending gcc
UAE, Saudi to command 80% of the total spending
He employed 30 doctors to monitor every level of his health
Gut health workplace
How a healthy gut benefits CEOs, employees, and managers
Coffee scrubs cellulite
And what does science have to say about this?
Latest research and its applications for business leaders
Duphat Dubai
Value of deals generated increased 20% from previous year
Healthcare innovation
In the UAE, the healthcare sector is among the fastest growing
Arab Health to host second edition of the Future Health Summit in UAE
UAE covid
And further eases mask rules
A healthy set of teeth is arguably one of the most versatile tools we own
The exhibition will explore the latest laboratory technology and innovation
Medical tourism
Medical tourism industry generated AED 12.1 bn in 2018
Mask rules dropped in most public places
IHC didn't disclose a value for the acquisition
Arab Health
The UAE reaffirms its position as a global healthcare hub
Saudi driving structural changes in the sector
Scientists zooming in on specific proteins that help old minds stay young
Virtual hospital
Center will serve Bedouin communities in South Sinai
Covid vaccine
Vaccine expected to be available to adults as a booster jab from the fall
The shrew animal is thought to be responsible for spreading virus
WHO confident in Qatar's ability to host the World Cup successfully
CDC issued a Level 2 travel health notice in late May
Advancements in computer technology have vastly outpaced those in the medical field
Patient was placed in hospital isolation to receive necessary medical care
Test if you have any infections. You really need to resolve this before getting started
BA.5 having a field day, but many others on the way
Its Biomolecular Restoration program takes holistic to new levels
G7 pledges $5 billion to boost global food security
Saudi's vital sector is estimated to have a yearly worth of $2 bn
50% of men in UAE identify themselves as overweight
mRNA vaccination trials underway   
Smart lenses
Market will grow to $20.64 billion by the end 2022
Key activities include launching a clinical research project
97.3 cases per one million doses developed symptoms of carditis
MoU to promote healthcare sector, raise Saudization 
Digitalization of healthcare services spurring demand for telehealth
Imposing a financial tariff on single-use plastic bags
Biomolecular restoration: Making reverse-aging a reality
Skincare Asghar Khan
His organic recipe is heritage-based, built for the modern world
medical waste
GCC countries have measures in place to treat and dispose 
While the outbreak is unusual, it remains “containable”, says WHO
The storms put human health at serious risk
The World Health Organization sounded the alarm after the virus spread
Qatar has 6.2 dentists per 10K people
Bill gates
Gates has been invested in public health issues long before COVID-19
The 2nd G20 FMCBG meeting discussed the latest global developments
GDMO launches a documentary on “the epic”
What you eat plays a huge part in dehydrating or hydrating your body
Al Daayan
Al Daayan Health District reflects the future of innovative medical care
Eduardo Greghi, CEO of The Kusnacht Practice
You can look at taking care of your mental health as an investment
Three factors determine actual impact of any new Corona variable
health ramadan
A person should Think about the type and quantity of food they eat
Nahdi Medical
Bloomberg: The largest IPO in Saudi Arabia since Aramco
Saudi pharma
A mega IPO-filled 2021 is encouraging large companies to sell shares
Most people work out primarily to get in shape
التلوث الداخلي
4.3 million people a year die from exposure to home air pollution
Screen reading
Tips to reduce long hours on screen
Vaccines jabs
A COVID-19 vaccine and booster scandal brewing
Jet Lag
Few simple tricks to ease the transition