Saudi sports
Deals include qualitative projects, events, academies, and medical clinics
Ramadan 2023
This year, the holy month falls on March 23 until April 21
UAE Romania
During meeting between Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid and President of Romania
interest rates
Powell will face questions about the “reserve” supervision of troubled banks
Battling and overcoming childhood ailments, one woman made it her business to help  
Ramadan businesses
Over 50% of GCC consumers spend more during Ramadan
European Central Bank rates
Expects headline inflation to average 5.3% in 2023
US recession
The prediction by Goldman economists jumped by 10%
saudi inflation
Increase in housing, water, electricity, and gas prices by 7%
UAE workforces
Hiring was strongest for tech-related positions
UAE Qatar
The UAE withdrew its request to host the meetings
ADIA MUbadala
Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Tahnoon to Lead ADIA, Sheikh Mansoor to Chair Mubadala
Investopia JC Media Group
Publisher of "Economy Middle East" Magazine
success women
We must begin by recognizing the barriers that exist
Qatar Sovereign Wealth Fund
The change came after Qatar's Prime Minister was replaced earlier Tuesday
gender leadership
Laila Almheiri:  Everyone has their battles to fight
working women
PWC: Employers face the challenge of a leaky pipeline
UAE financial wealth
UAE aims to boost family businesses’ contributions to GDP to $320 bn by 2030
better world
The power of partnerships for a socially sustainable future
February jobs report to be released Friday
Saudi Türkiye
The Saudi Fund for Development signs MoU with the Turkish Central Bank
Women make up only 22% of AI workers globally
توقيع اتفاق الشراكة بين تركيا والامارات
Boosts non-oil trade to $40 billion
UAE women
National Bonds, Arab Women Authority, hold joint panel discussion
Two reports on Aviation growth in the ME region
UAE Women
Scoring 100% in 5 of 8 key indicators
Hours after the increase in gasoline prices
Dubai's D33
Building the future, adopting digitization and attracting business
Bin Touq highlighted UAE’s focus on doubling GDP growth
Investopia 2023
Positioning the UAE as a leading investment destination
Growth rate expected to slow significantly to 2.8 percent in 2023
Bringing to Abu Dhabi more than 2,000 participants from 40 countries
Revised forecast is proof non-oil private sector activity will remain strong
Abu Dhabi Economic Summit
World Bank expects UAE's economic growth momentum to continue in 2023
UAE Economy Minister
Population to be protected from inflation, external shocks
Egypt economy
Interview with Egypt’s Minister of Planning & Economic Development 
UAE workplace
Investing in the wants and needs of the workforce is key
GCC growth
Non-oil sectors, green transition, are major propellers
SMC Saudi
SMC is behind highly influential sports and entertainment media campaigns
humanity and generations
Clout of future governments to be measured by ability to adopt technology 
Ukraine Saudi
As Kingdom’s FM visits Kyiv
Türkiye interest
Despite inflation surpassing 85% in 2022, falling to 58% in January
Oman recruit
66% of companies reported increase in staff members
Saudi market
Investment into Saudi comes from across the globe
US inflation
Inflation "remained well higher" than Fed's 2 percent target
Saudi Founding Day
March, celebrations, events across Kingdom to mark the occasion
Dubai D33
Dubai could issue D33 Bonds with varying maturity periods
talent UAE
"UAE will hunt the best talent, even if it is on the Moon"
UAE india trade
Bin Touq: To cancel all tariffs between the two within 10 years
Türkiye Egypt
Egypt to offer support to Turkish companies planning expansion
UAE private sector
Sector to increase women leadership roles to 30% by 2025
Sheikh Hamdan honors winners of Global Government Excellence
Abu Dhabi GDP
Real GDP exceeded AED830 bn by end of first 9 months of 2022
Sidelines meetings of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid
US inflation
Inflation increase was partially impacted by higher gasoline prices
outlook IMF
"Financial markets have good reason to be more upbeat"
world government summit air taxis
Dubai to become first city with fully developed vertiports network
The platform is dedicated to shaping the future of global governments
To promote investment opportunities under the Make it in the Emirates
gender balance UAE
Exploring opportunities to advance women’s participation in government
Fitch: Global reinsurers will bear most of the insurance payments
Egypt Moody's
Due to country's diminished external buffers, shock absorption ability
retail Malls
Increasing focus on ESG practices of retailers
Success in business
Serial entrepreneur, Sara Al Madani: “Driven to try new things”
Gulf countries positioned to play key global energy transition role
Climate change
The global economy could shed 10% of its total economic value by 2050
Iraqi exchange rate
Exchange rate amended to 1,300 dinars, down from 1,460 dinars
Investopia EDB
To drive industrial transformation in the new economies
bbc Arabic
Service discontinued as a result of budget constraints
Lagarde: Price pressures remain strong
Investopia iConnections
Enabling the platform's investment community to thrive
IMF global economy
Global growth will slow from 3.4 percent in 2022 to 2.9 percent in 2023
gcc public holidays
When the holiday falls on a weekend, an extra day may be provided
World Economy
Financial markets have acted as a harbinger of economic trends
US economy
Markets await next week's Federal Reserve meeting
UAE Pakistan
UAE-Pakistan ties are as old as the Emirates
Saudi financing
About two-thirds less than what I borrowed last year
Economic growth
CEOs hold a pessimistic view on the outlook for the global economy
World cost of living
Middle East region fares better than global counterparts 
Davos Saudi
Implementing steps crucial to exit crisis with minimal losses
Saudi Davos
Kingdom “becoming a bright spot for the world economy”
UAE women
Assured annual portfolio growth with minimum risks
Davos UAE gender
UAE ranked first in Arab world in Gender Gap Report 2022
US debt
Republican and Democrat clashes prompt economic concerns
US debt ceiling
White House warns Republicans against brinkmanship over cap hike
Safest country
Four Arab countries were among the top ten
Saudi greenback
China has called for Saudi Arabia to price oil sales in yuan
Saudi Crown Prince
To support developments in culture, tourism, entertainment, sports 
global growth
World economists expect global recession in 2023
Companies fear
PwC survey points at fragile business landscape
South Korea
Meeting explores enhancing strategic cooperation between the two countries
FDI into the UAE and Saudi continued to set records
kuwait economy
Infrastructural development, digital banking, among key drivers
UAE South Korea
Deals unveiled in hydrogen, water resources, and transport
Davos 2023
In the presence of UAE, Gulf and Middle East officials
US recession
Housing will be the most difficult sector to control inflation
Dubai Police SWAT
Female officers conquering specializations once dominated by men
US inflation
The gasoline index was biggest factor to commodity prices decline
UAE nationals private
Reaching a total of over 50,000 nationals
Small businesses
Nearly half of small businesses intend to grow substantially
Egypt spending cut
Due to a foreign currency shortage
Egypt inflation
Inflation rates jumped to 24.4% at end December
Consumer spending UAE Saudi
Despite concerns about the macro-economic environment
Saudi HQ
Operations of foreign companies should not exceed SAR 1 million
Kuwait economy
Estimated to have grown nearly 8 percent in 2022
Egyptian pound
Fell 6.6% to about 26.5 pounds per dollar
Dubai Economic Agenda ‘D33’
with total economic targets of AED 32 trillion over the next 10 years
UAE innovation
This year also witnessed a major shift in UAE work practices
Tesla lost about half of its market value over the past year
Opportunity to embark on, accelerate savings journey
Saudi Ronaldo
$75 million per year contract with Al Nassr football club.
2022 2023
IMF expects global growth to slow to 2.7% in 2023
What the ‘multi-speed’ global economy means
high inflation
For businesses these days, keeping the lights on is challenging
Its economy grew by 8.4 percent in 2021 
The Egyptian Central Bank monitors illegal dollar practices
Water, electricity and gas costs more than quadruple
Global investors find the region increasingly attractive
UAE economy fines
Over six designated non-financial businesses and professions
On strong non-oil performance
Expectations of an increase of 100-200 basis points
Qatar National Day
National Day comes under the slogan "Our unity is the source of our strength",
WTO Ministerial Conference
Abu Dhabi to welcome leaders and dignitaries from WTO’s 164 member states
Visit focused on co-operation and partnership in the digital economy space
Egypt IMF
Egyptian Cabinet: Agreement aims to reduce debt
New Year
New shocks could dip the world into a recession
Lagarde: Risks to growth prospects negative, especially in near term
U.S. Africa summit
For talks on food security, trade, and outer space
Falling energy prices helped keep lid on inflation
Saudi China
Meeting witnessed signing of a strategic partnership agreement
CEO appointments
A definite shift in appointing CEOs from within the company
UAE budget
Dubai budget 2023: Spending exceeding $18 bn
Saudi China
Across various sectors including green energy, information tech
UAE employees
59% are worried about living costs and their impact
Egypt IMF
Egypt has $16 billion in external financing gap over four years
China Saudi
There is a strategic direction to strengthen bilateral relations
UAE Space
Sarah Al Amiri: Strategic policy to involve the private sector
War economy
A snippet of Saxo’s 2023 Outrageous Predictions
Egypt PMI
Falling to 45.4 from in November 47.4 in October
US inflation
household incomes in October increased by 0.7 percent
UAE National Day
Under the leadership of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan
اليوم الوطني الإمارات
The country witnesses many celebrations during this period
Global Media Congress ideal gateway for regional emerging companies
Unbelievable venues, performances, showcase gems offered by the emirate
Expanding expertise, footprint in creating multi-sensory venues
Sharjah FDI
Home to thriving healthcare, tourism, and manufacturing sectors
Global growth
After the Covid pandemic in 2020 and the financial crisis in 2009
Deal aims to establish a comprehensive economic reform program
A company dedicated to receiving investments from Egyptians abroad
Abu Dhabi GDP
Jumping to 11.7% compared to the same period 2021
Turkey interest rate
And announces end of monetary policy easing cycle
Project to contribute SAR 297 mn to the country's GDP annually
World Cup
"A Qatari achievement and a pride to the GCC nations"
Britain austerity
Raising the Extraordinary Tax on energy giants' profits
Saudi Arabia
And cooperation in infrastructure, hydrogen production
Eurozone recession
ECB Deputy: We will do what it takes to reach 2% inflation
They discussed distinguished bilateral relations between two brotherly countries
Global Media congress
Under the patronage of Deputy Prime Minister Mansour bin Zayed
Indonesian President: "2023 will be more difficult for the world"
Direct investments
Investments are spread across several focus areas
Saudi PIF
To explore infrastructure investments in Saudi, MENA
G20 summit taking place in midst of most difficult geopolitical conditions
Saudi China
Kingdom was first destination for Chinese foreign investments in H1
World Cup
5.2% expected growth this year from 1.5% in 2021
UK economy
The first drop in GDP since early 2021
Markets saw upsurge in after the Ministry of Labor report
Egypt tourim
Egypt aims for $30 billion in tourism revenues by 2025
Raising hopes that higher prices are starting to slow
Company registrar
Resulting in a safe, friendly business environment in the country
The annual inflation rate was 16.3% in October
midterm elections
All eyes are on inflation data to be released on Thursday
On declining liquidity and access to international markets
Media congress
The first edition is expected to see over 170 exhibiting brands
UAE Ministry of Economy
To create a safe fiscal crime-free business environment in the country
Lebanese Lira
The customs dollar comes into effect in a few days.. Unless
The increase raises the bank interest rate to 3 percent
Consumer prices increased 3.54 percent month on month
Goldman Sachs lowers its UK growth forecast for 2023
Kuwait to record first fiscal surplus in 8 years
Saudi budget
Surplus is supported by an increase in crude oil revenues
Federal Reserve
Wall Street ended its sessions with a decline following a month of gains
Dubai FDI
The emirate witnessed FDI inflows of $3.73 bn in H1
Eurozone inflation
Energy costs expected to have had the highest annual rise
GCC's economic expansion expected to more than double from 2021
Saudi GDP
Growth primarily driven by a 14.5% increase in oil activities
The bank's budget is large, close to 9 trillion euros
Egypt IMF
Prior to the agreement, Egypt hiked key interest rates by 2%
Saudi investment
Deals aim to improve quality of life, increase investor interest
Egyptian pound
Overnight lending rate at 14.25% and deposit rate at 13.25%
And maintains electricity prices through June 2023
Egypt sovereign fund
UAE investments in Egypt valued at $4.9 bn in 9 months
Saudi PIF
This brings the total number of companies to 6
Saudi licenses
New investment licenses issued in Q3 2022 amounted to 1,163
IHS Market: Eurozone economy on verge of contraction in Q4
UAE finance
Social contributions also rose to AED 13.5 bn
Future Investment Iniative
Seven mega-agreements are expected to be announced today
GCC companies
Majority of these companies receive substantial government support
Global cities
Growth led by business activity, human capital investment
Rishi Sunak
As Penny Mordaunt drops out of leadership race
Standard & Poor's confirms Egypt's rating at B with stable outlook
UAE agriculture
Country issued 30 "Agri-Tech" licenses since 2019
Robust economy, diversification, capital markets attracting investments
Liz Truss
"I will stay on as prime minister until her successor is chosen"
flexible work
Job seekers today are seeking more than just a paycheck
Federal Reserve
"Economic prospects are becoming more pessimistic" in the US
Premier’s position weakens with departure of another leadership figure
Eurozone inflation
Energy prices recorded the highest annual growth
Saudi agreements
The two countries signed 11 deals to promote investment
UK inflation
The consumer price index recorded a growth of 10.1 percent
Eurostat releases inflation data for September today
Egypt IMF
Country reveals three axes of economic reform prior to loan
Food delivery
57.34% of consumers now purchasing three or more takeaways in a week now
Mohamed Al Hussaini
Hussaini will manage committee's programs related to economic development
Yellen acknowledges impact of strong dollar on inflation in poor economies
UK Finance Minister
Truss would hold a press conference later today to discuss decision
Consumer prices rise more than expected in September
interest rate hikes failed to keep pace with rising inflation rates
Community commerce is reshaping how people buy and sell
Sharjah Media City targets talented individuals in media
Driven by higher oil revenues, ongoing fiscal reforms
Saudi inflation
Driven by increases in food prices, house rents
Committee considers need for gradual adoption of further policy tightening
Qatar inflation
Driven by price increases in the entertainment and energy sectors
It warned of a period of "high volatility" in financial markets
UAE professionals
Finding a new job is top career goal for 66% of respondents
Domestic workers
New law guarantees the rights of all parties
The Arab Gulf economies are going against stagnation, inflation
Businesses reduced selling prices for the second month in a row
The IMF would cut global growth forecast by 2.9% in 2023
UAE budget
UAE's PM approves budget for next 3 years
Nobel prize
For their work on banks and financial crises
Registering 15.3%, up from 14.6% in August
US inflation
US inflation rate remains at its highest level in 40 years.
Boosted by high oil prices and disappearing Corona restrictions
Georgieva: Our global economy is like a ship sailing amid crashing waves
Customer service
Customer service is in the midst of a historic transformation
Arab Media Forum
Ahmed bin Mohammed attended key session delivered by CNBC's John Casey
World Bank
GCC to achieve 6.9% growth in 2022
New business drove gains in output and employment
Global economy
According to Saxo Bank's Q4 forecast
Saudi PMI
Though activity slowed due to higher production costs
The Conference lowered its growth forecast
MOU with Saudi Finance to establish IMF regional office in Kingdom
He diagnosed the "largest speculative bubble of all time" last June
Saudi unemployment
To 9.7% in Q2, compared to 10.1% in Q1 2022
Thanks to oil production and the "strong" recovery of non-oil sector
Bank of England intervenes in the face of 'actual risks to financial stability'
The decision to negatively affect banks and their balance sheets
Lebanon budget
Budget adopts 15 thousand pounds for customs dollar
The cabinet reshuffle kept Mohamed Al-Jadaan as Finance Minister
UAE salaries
Companies planning salary increases to offset inflation, retain talents
“Expect interest rates to rise again during upcoming meetings.”
92nd Saudi National Day
"National Day anniversary comes as we continue march towards development"
Saudi National Day
"Trade exchange between the two countries grew by 57.4%"
Giorgia Meloni could become first woman to hold premiership
It approved increasing percentage of cash reserves that banks need to keep
Visa reforms and low taxes are among factors attracting young Arabs
Wall Street dips, investors try to absorb effects of an interest rate hike
Oman is expected to announce a similar move
Rates to rise until the level of funds reaches the "final price"
Bin Touq
Contribution of tourism, retail, largest among other sectors
Since Musk spoke to the social media company’s team in June
Sustainable growth
An increasing numbers of women becoming entrepreneurs
MPs meets again on Monday to decide on the draft budget for 2022
“We will not let this high inflation create a permanent problem.”
Dubai to also commemorate the occasion with events across the city
Dubai's economy
The Dubai PMI rose to a new three-year high in August
IMF: Negotiations with Egypt are in very advanced stages
A crucial Thursday meeting awaits BoE and Japan central bank
Qatar Egypt
Visit included signing of several MOUs between the two countries
Georgieva: “Let’s recognize it’s a matter of internal political constraints”
A flexible office environment can better align employee needs, business goals
"The Eurozone and the UK both expected to enter a recession"
Initiative will enable startups to compete in local, global markets
Majid Al Futtaim
Emirati workforce doubled to 6% of total MAF's employees in the UAE
US inflation
Officials from the Fed will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday
UAE real GDP
Credit quality of rated UAE real estate companies to remain stable
Cabinet approved licensing of first electric clean energy cargo aircraft in region
TiE Dubai
Initiative is dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs across the globe
Queen Elizabeth
King Charles the III addresses the nation today
"Inflation is likely to stay above target for an extended period”
Liz Truss
"We are facing a global energy crisis... And these are no cost-free options"
Returning the inflation rate to 2% is the “first task” of the Fed
Saudi's GDP
Economic growth is due to the significant increase in oil activities
“The Fund”: a decrease of about 20% in the direct share of oil in the GDP
"Egypt working hard to increase foreign direct investment"
Fitch: A recession in the euro area is likely as gas crisis worsens
Liz Truss
She vowed to keep her election promises, boost economic growth
The Fund's assets totaled $18.4 bln in 2021
Total new orders rose at the fastest pace since October
Future sentiment drops to its lowest level in 17 months
August inflation figures expected for release in first half of this month
The Lebanese president refused on Wednesday to sign the bill
UK inflation
Well above the baseline forecast of 14.8%
Water, electricity, gas costs jumped 460% in one year
Türkiye's inflation
Driven by strong exports as well as domestic and foreign demand
Kingdom quickly recovered from pandemic-induced recession
Emirati Women's Day
Under the slogan "Inspiring Reality .. Sustainable Future”
Simplify the experience and lower the cost
A decline of initial claims for state unemployment benefits
Up to 750,000 Egyptians looking at one-way trip home 
The government announced refusal to lift subsidies on bread
White House
With Omicron's return, the Ukraine war, inflation, and interest rate hikes
Producer price index
Producer prices increased by 40.7 percent in Q2
Poll: The Fed will raise interest rates by 50 basis points in September
Proposed solutions will not avoid a recession soon to show signs of stagnation
One week after surprise cuts in key rates
Country's exposure to GCC countries exceeded $25.9 bn
Digital financial services market to exceed $10 trn in 5 years
Sisi names Hassan Abdullah as caretaker governor of the CBE
Lira fell to 18.15 to the dollar, its lowest level since Dec. 20
Wealth fund
Led by a 28 percent drop in the value of technology stock holdings
The day before the bank meets to make a decision on interest
BOE: High energy prices in Europe are the main driver behind inflation
Saudi arabia
Inflation will remain at 2.8 percent level in 2022
Based on economic data that showed lackluster momentum
Fund invested a further $474mln in Meta
"Fitch" expects 300 basis points rise in upcoming meetings
In June, the general budget deficit amounted to 31 bn liras
F&B prices, transportation costs were the primary causes of rising inflation
Driven by drop in household spend, winding-down of Covid-related services
Not possible for oil sector to be in isolation from overall energy sources
Price of gasoline has gone down considerably
Inflation reached 13.6% in July, compared to 13.2% in June
Intense competition pressures Saudi’s underwriting results
Foreign investment licenses increased by 674 percent yoy
The two sides also discussed ways to combat terrorist financing
Keeping the upward trend going while adamantly maintaining interest
The BoE is expected to raise interest rates the most since 1995
Taiwan manufactures about 50 percent of the world's semiconductors
Worst-case scenario would be to reduce growth to 2% by 2023
Strategy aims to support partnerships between investors
Capital Economics: Currency to drop to 21 pounds/dollar by end 2022
Concern about pledges of premiership candidate to cut taxes
Oil activities lead GDP growth by 11.8% in Q2
It has broad implications for Americans and the global economy
GDP shrank 0.9 percent in the second quarter
The Fund downgraded Egypt's real GDP forecast to 4.8%
"I don't think the economy is in a recession at the moment"
Expected increases in hunger and food insecurity by the end of 2022
In MENA, travel spending showed the biggest growth
Growth is slowing from 6.1% in 2021 to 3.2% this year
Current annual trade volume between UK, GCC amounts to $40 bn
Egypt, Saudi, and Turkey have shown interest in joining the group
Investors keeping an eye on this week's GDP figures
Driven by the increase in food and beverage prices
Volume of TPI purchases depends on severity of the policy transition risk
Economy, GDP, boosted by utilities sector and mega construction projects 
Inflationary pressures in the GCC countries lower than rest of the world
Raising the euro area out of negative interest for first time in 8 years
Guidelines are the latest in a series of initiatives to govern gold trade
Stock markets fell, yield margin on Italian bonds widened
Completing economic recovery plan, starting new sustainable phase
Real GDP increased by 8.2% in Q1 of 2022
Johnson: Whoever wins will take on the role of ' household cleaning'
A fifth and final vote for Conservative MPs will be held today, Wednesday
As part of the country's plans to localize many jobs
Supported by large fixed stock of oil reserves, stable financial system
Ministry aims to reduce the percentage of fines or violations against customers
This might have a negative impact on the Kuwaiti economy
Finland's Olli Rehn likely to raise rates by 25 basis points
"FDI inflows reflect the growing investor confidence in Dubai"
France meeting
Opportunity to strengthen long-term strategic partnership between the two
OBG: “Qatar continuing to roll out labor reforms”
Saudi Crown Prince: Unrealistic energy policies lead to inflation
Saudi, US sign 18 agreements and cooperation memoranda 
The Crown Prince and the US President shake hands with fists
In energy, space, advanced technology, and infrastructure
Participants may not issue closing statement
Investments aim to address food insecurity in South Asia, the Middle East
Fixing the economics of online grocery is a priority for quick commerce
Food and beverage segment has the greatest impact
“Economic diversification a fundamental strategic necessity”
Senate confirms Michael Barr Vice Chairman of the Reserve
Seasonally adjusted disguised unemployment rose to 22.4%
IMF: Expectations of further deterioration
Above the 8.8 percent Dow Jones estimate
Company blamed it on the uncertain global economic picture
The role of social media is increasingly growing in the retail sector
Progress marks the second-largest gender gap yet to close
non-oil economy
New orders rose sharply at the end of the first half
It is expected to rise to 8.8%, the highest level since 1981
The world will soon have 8 billion people
It recorded the highest rise in inflation rates among the GCC
Abu Dhabi
The second benefit package was announced during Eid Al Adha
Current index rose 13.01 points compared to 2021
FAO Food Index decreased to 2.3%
Saudi, UAE made attracting FDI a mainstay in development plans
External support is required to avoid uncontrolled currency depreciation
Global trade reached record $7.7 trillion Q1
Britain's economy under pressure from high inflation levels
Compared to other global technology hubs like London, Berlin
Over 71 million are pushed into poverty in just 3 months
Move to promote national economy's status in various global markets
The leverage rate is expected to rise by 11.3 percentage points
The Sultanate will repay a financing loan before its due date
"A longer-lasting tightening would complicate the global economic outlook"
Expect a new rate hike of 50 or 75 basis points in July
It registered a slight MoM increase of 0.01 percent
“We want to be one of the top 10 countries globally to attract FDI"
Appointment made at first Board meeting since Salik went public
"Inflation in Europe and the US could reach 8 percent"
S&P: Upturn underlined by a robust increase in new business levels
Input costs in the non-oil sector rose sharply in June
Allocations targeted several sectors including food and unemployment
Emirates National Bank expects government to use oil revenues to reduce debt
The pound hits its lowest level in over 5 years
The objective is to inspire high school pupils to excel
Royal orders included the appointment of two deputy governors of SAMA
Will Bitcoin become a store of value after this discovery?
The headline inflation rate came in at 8.6 percent
Yazbeck to succeed Sayed Hashish who served in the role since 2016
sovereign debt
Emerging markets face high external financing needs
IIF: impact of tightening US monetary conditions on Gulf banks limited
Islamic nations follow Saudi in observing Dhul-Hijjah's crescent
The meeting highlighted the need to implement additional legal support
Soon to announce a new tool to combat jumps in bond yields
It registered 10.1 percent at the end of Q1
S&P: Challenge is controlling inflation while avoiding stagnation
The state and central bank bear part of the responsibility
Inflows rose 9.5% compared to the same period in 2021
Companies Law facilitates establishment of organizations, encourages bold investment
International passenger traffic to continue pandemic recovery
Central bankers gather in Portugal for their annual conference
This is equivalent to 5.5% of the country's GDP
Intra-non-oil trade between two countries reached $13.3 bn in 2021
Fund recorded a positive return on investments of 10.4%
50% looked up the product online before going to the store to buy it
This is partly driven by the acquisition of stocks trading at a premium
Targets tackle climate change, health, equality, digital infrastructure
Finance Minister worried about further rate hikes
Outward investments flows reached $22.5 billion
crown prince erdogan
Trade exchange during 5 years amounted to about 103 billion riyals
He stressed the US Central Bank's commitment to "strongly" reducing inflation
Both sides to boost partnership in food security, health, and education
Audit is key demand before releasing funds
MENA's retail markets are valued at $1 trillion
The Fund expects the Kingdom's GDP to grow by 7.6% this year
The Saudi-Jordanian Fund is a leap in promoting joint investments
The state spent $62.6 billion via decrees over 10 years
47% reported tech issues at work increased their stress levels
63% of Middle East consumers still preferring shopping in-person
Total public expenditure decreased by 5.9 percent to OMR 12.2 bn
Under the slogan "Achieving Equality in Global Economic Recovery"
The Turkish lira has lost 65 percent of its value since last September
Non-oil economy recorded a growth of 7.8% in the same period
Yellen doesn’t  see a recession as inevitable
68% of companies are currently reviewing annual salary budget
Confidence in engineering a "safe landing" has diminished
Bank of England
It raised its forecast for peak inflation this year to just above 11%.
The last time interest rates were breached by 1% was in 2009
The unemployment rate is expected at 3.7 percent by end 2022
Egypt plans $10 million worth of investments
Upon shocking emergency meeting to address rising borrowing costs
101 deals to create 5,800 new jobs in the domestic economy
The European Fear Scale has reached its highest level since 2020
Blame the increase in food, beverage, and transportation prices by 4.2%
90% said that adopting CSR will have positive effect on businesses
This is likely to reflect a higher average income across the country
MEW claimed lion's share with contracts valued at $353.7 mn
If approved, increase will be the largest since 1994
IMF to open a representative office in Beirut 
Yellen says the US is experiencing "unacceptable levels of inflation"
FDI inflow to GCC economies soar to $44 bn in 2021
Qatar's economy
Qatar's contribution to France's GDP increased to 3.07 bn euros
FDI rebounded to nearly $1.6 tn last year
Categories like cereals, breads, oil, and fats saw a major price rise
The highest employment index reading since December 2021
Brands must re-imagine digital-first experiences that engage customers
1.2 percentage points higher than expected at the beginning of this year
"The government is able to control public finances and financial sustainability"
Ukraine war exacerbated the slowdown
Results coming from a significant increase in oil activities
Pablo Martinez to succeed Joerg Hildebrandt who led the company for 11 years
Turkish Lira
Turkey says inflation will eventually taper off
A strong jump of 8% in oil economy in 2022
Visas aim to attract talents, investors
IMF to reject plan that does not receive overwhelming domestic support
Arab tourists to exceed 2 million in the summer season
Long-term strategy to address demographic imbalances in the country
This would help create some 600,000 technology jobs
S&P: UAE’s economy"continues to recover strongly from the pandemic
The kingdom could make $400 billion from oil industry this year
Many investors are showing interest in setting up investments in Egypt
The initiative aims to mitigate the economic fallout of the pandemic
The Open Committee meets on June 15,  to approve 50 basis points increase
Growing Arab interest in evaluating the process of issuing CBDCs
Abu Dhabi
S&P: The emirate's growth to accelerate over 5% in 2022
food security
Can vertical farming help relieve reliance on food imports?
51% of legal decision-makers describe sudden changes as “challenging”
This will increase wheat, corn production to 30 million tons per year
Continued bleeding of the Central Bank's reserves in foreign currencies
Dubai attracted FDI worth AED 50.9 billion from 2017 to 2021
Other plans include increasing industrial exports to reach $30 bln
Women will improve the economic prosperity of Saudi
Majority of UAE consumers check at least 3 sources before buying
The institute expects strong growth in ME
FDI from privatization are projected at $10 billion annually over 4 years
"We hope this will bring many opportunities to the UK, Qatar in the future"
Replacing expat labor preserves demographic make-up
IMF Azour
Azour: GCC countries do not suffer from high prices like other countries
The Saudi wave will push all the ships in the region with it
The war in Ukraine likely a driving factor towards an economic slump
The UAE introduces a new private sector company classification system  
"We are at a final stages of designing our fiscal sustainability policy"
UAE education
There was a big shake-up at the UAE Ministry of Education
Jeffrey Henseler, Founder of Passport Legacy
Portugal, which started its program in 2012, remains the most popular
Jerome Powell was sworn in for his second term
"We are very proud of the development, reform, and progress we made so far"
World Bank growth
Supported by oil and non-oil sectors
WEF considering taking the MENA regional summit to Riyadh
Saudi oil GDP expected to increase by 19%
MoU will increase the sector’s contribution to the national economy
Vision 2030 media coverage grew by 74% since 2020
UAE engineering employers finding it difficult to recruit new staff
Cairo launches today the National Climate Change Strategy 2050
2,500 leaders and experts gather to reconnect and share ideas
Kingdom's oil production reached 10.35 million bpd in April
Rules out larger increase of 75 basis points at the next meeting
Egypt central bank
“HC”: Inflation figures for April higher than estimates
Central Bank Governor: This will reflect on the UAE progress and prosperity
The issuance of two tranches was valued at AED 1.5 billion
First auction of dirham treasury bonds oversubscribed 6.3 times
Cepa will encourage trade by reducing custom tariffs by 90 percent
Heavy penalties imposed if private firms do not meet the Emiratisation criteria
Total capital flows of FDI projects exceeded 26 billion dirhams in 2021
Analysts expect the Fed's monetary policy to lead to a "bear market"
Soaring energy, material prices led to great increases in production input costs
Rising commodity prices and global inflation fears pressure sales
Expects highest growth in Saudi in 11 years
Inflation reached very high levels, 7.5 percent last month
Saudi registers a domestic product of $833.5 billion
Johnson incurs losses in elections due to high cost of living
Global trade
About 11% of all goods shipped worldwide are stuck in traffic
Gulf countries expected to grow their economies, IMF says
Say Goodbye to cheap money secured by quantitative easing policies
people of determination
Governments are working on their integration into the labor market
Biggest increase since Alan Greenspan's tenure
Emirates NBD: The hydrocarbon sector to boost current account, budget balances
The Kingdom announces a growth of 9.6% during Q1
FOMC 15 march meeting
Federal Open Market Committee raises interest rates by 50 basis points today
Consumer spending in retail stores increased by 14 percent in Q1
US economy
The drop in production paints a misleading picture of the economy  
Woman at work
"Important progress in the UAE and Saudi Arabia from countries in the Middle East"
Jerome Powell iflation
Powell: An interest rate increase of 0.5% at the Fed meeting in May
Steven Rees- JP morgan
An average of $110 per barrel of oil is expected in the second quarter of 2022
Lowered global economic growth to 3.6% for 2022 and 2023, down from 6% in 2021
Temporary higher taxes on excess profits could be envisaged.
Emmanuel Macron
S&P's: Le Pen's presidency threatens prospects for French banks
Non-oil contribution to GDP reaches 72.3 percent in 2021
residency golden visa
Country enhancing position as ideal destination to live, work and invest
The financial institution downgraded its growth outlooks for 143 economies
PWC expects the sports sector in the Middle East to grow by 8.7 percent
SAMA reserves to rebound above $500 billion in 2022-2023
The crisis will reduce global GDP growth to 2.8 percent
Directory launched for women-founded businesses
UN: War likely to increase debt distress and hunger in developing countries
US inflation
The Fed's leaning to raise interest rates by 50 basis points
Performance linked to the Expo 2020, relaxed pandemic measures
Mohammed Bin Rashid: Future is promising, and the best is yet to come
Contracts industry rose to 78 percent in 2021
S&P Global Saudi PMI rose to 56.8 in March
$300 million to support the UN humanitarian program in Yemen
Summit lays the groundwork for responsible, sustainable future economies
Abu Dhabi
The emirate’s economy recovered from the pandemic’s repercussions
Gulf countries support Egypt with 22 billion dollars
Mastercard to connect 25 million women to digital economy by 2025
Expo 2020
73.5 percent of the private companies established new business partnerships
Oman debt
Oil production in the Sultanate to reach 1.040 million bpd in 2022
القمة العالمية الحكومات
Economic sectors account for 52 percent of discussions
Governments and private sectors reduce working hours
Expo 2020
Grand Finale... Record number of visitors and biggest deals
Forbes Under 30
Dubai Crown Prince meets with ”Forbes 30 under 30”
Egypt Qatar
Egypt is facing new financial pressures related to the war in Ukraine
Investment Summit
100 innovative ideas, business opportunities across the world
UAE Kuwait trade
The virtual trade corridor will simplify and facilitate cross-border trade
Consumer confidence
The region's net consumer confidence increasing 0.7 percent
federal building finance ministry
Confirmation of food reserves for at least six months
Increase in sales, decline in productivity
Egypt budget
The measure aims to deal with the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis
Budget surplus forecast as oil global prices soar
Saudi economy
Non-oil activities grew 5.1% in Q4 year on year
Sanctions Russia
Sanctions driving central banks and investors to reassess the dollar
Saudi inflation
This is attributed to the 4.3% increase in transportation prices
Saudi Crown Prince development fund
An integrated financial institution towards achieving "Vision 2030"
inflation qatar
Inflationary pressures were already expected
UAE leading reform in the region and globally. Saudi advancing vision 2030
Gulf woman business
Gulf countries enacted legislation to remove obstacles that held women back
Dubai non-oil
Omicron has had only a minor impact on the economy
Gold market
Saudi first in the Arab world and 18th globally with reserves of 310.3 tons
Emerging economies
In February, Emerging market securities attracted $17.6 billion
Saudi defense
Anticipation of an economic contribution reaching $186.6 million
UAE trade
Dubai Ruler: independence from oil reaching sustainable levels
Saudi business
SMEs among the most important drivers of economic growth
The event is back with a content-led and thought-provoking edition this March
Oman Economy
This year, the deficit is expected to reach 5% of GDP
UAE India relations
Expectations to raise non-oil infrastructure trade to more than $100 billion 
Saudi women
The number of Saudis in the labor market reached over 1.9 million
JIhad Azour
Azour: Investments needed in renewable energy and economic diversification
inflation Saudi
Saudi expects an inflation rate of 1.3% in 2022, and 2% in 2023 and 2024
Saudi Aramco
Transfer part of Saudi's long-term strategy to restructure its economy
UAE Flag
UAE enters the next 50 by being at the forefront of global economies
الاستثمارات الأجنبية المباشرة
UNCTAD: Global FDI flows surged 77% in 2021
PIF headquarters
The fund's assets increased to $412 billion in 2020 from $152 billion in 2015
قمة "انفستوبيا" للاستثمار توقع شراكة مع "ديليوت" الشرق الأوسط
Both parties will jointly study economic areas such as investments in AI
A study looks at how effective is UAE's new shorter working week
US Federal Reserve
To which extent interest rates will rise? How quickly will the Fed react?
UAE Economy
The agreement consolidates efforts to host Investopia summit
What are the major market indicators influencing interest rates?
GCC Flags
Higher oil production to boost overall GCC economic growth in 2021
Stabilizing inflation among institution's main goals
ECB still buying govt bonds, corporate securities
Middle East Economy Map
Region faces balancing act between COVID-19 battle and economic growth
Dubai saves AED1,3B and 14M working hours with new policy
Q3 growth at 7% YoY, beating estimates