Jeffrey Henseler, Founder of Passport Legacy
Portugal, which started its program in 2012, remains the most popular
Jerome Powell was sworn in for his second term
"We are very proud of the development, reform, and progress we made so far"
World Bank growth
Supported by oil and non-oil sectors
WEF considering taking the MENA regional summit to Riyadh
Saudi oil GDP expected to increase by 19%
MoU will increase the sector’s contribution to the national economy
Vision 2030 media coverage grew by 74% since 2020
UAE engineering employers finding it difficult to recruit new staff
Cairo launches today the National Climate Change Strategy 2050
2,500 leaders and experts gather to reconnect and share ideas
Kingdom's oil production reached 10.35 million bpd in April
Rules out larger increase of 75 basis points at the next meeting
Egypt central bank
“HC”: Inflation figures for April higher than estimates
Central Bank Governor: This will reflect on the UAE progress and prosperity
The issuance of two tranches was valued at AED 1.5 billion
First auction of dirham treasury bonds oversubscribed 6.3 times
Cepa will encourage trade by reducing custom tariffs by 90 percent
Heavy penalties imposed if private firms do not meet the Emiratisation criteria
Total capital flows of FDI projects exceeded 26 billion dirhams in 2021
Analysts expect the Fed's monetary policy to lead to a "bear market"
Soaring energy, material prices led to great increases in production input costs
Rising commodity prices and global inflation fears pressure sales
Expects highest growth in Saudi in 11 years
Inflation reached very high levels, 7.5 percent last month
Saudi registers a domestic product of $833.5 billion
Johnson incurs losses in elections due to high cost of living
Global trade
About 11% of all goods shipped worldwide are stuck in traffic
Gulf countries expected to grow their economies, IMF says
Say Goodbye to cheap money secured by quantitative easing policies
people of determination
Governments are working on their integration into the labor market
Biggest increase since Alan Greenspan's tenure
Emirates NBD: The hydrocarbon sector to boost current account, budget balances
The Kingdom announces a growth of 9.6% during Q1
FOMC 15 march meeting
Federal Open Market Committee raises interest rates by 50 basis points today
Consumer spending in retail stores increased by 14 percent in Q1
US economy
The drop in production paints a misleading picture of the economy  
Eid al-Fitr
What will spending and tourist destinations look like for the holiday?
Woman at work
"Important progress in the UAE and Saudi Arabia from countries in the Middle East"
Jerome Powell iflation
Powell: An interest rate increase of 0.5% at the Fed meeting in May
Steven Rees- JP morgan
An average of $110 per barrel of oil is expected in the second quarter of 2022
Lowered global economic growth to 3.6% for 2022 and 2023, down from 6% in 2021
Temporary higher taxes on excess profits could be envisaged.
Emmanuel Macron
S&P's: Le Pen's presidency threatens prospects for French banks
Non-oil contribution to GDP reaches 72.3 percent in 2021
residency golden visa
Country enhancing position as ideal destination to live, work and invest
The financial institution downgraded its growth outlooks for 143 economies
PWC expects the sports sector in the Middle East to grow by 8.7 percent
SAMA reserves to rebound above $500 billion in 2022-2023
The crisis will reduce global GDP growth to 2.8 percent
Directory launched for women-founded businesses
UN: War likely to increase debt distress and hunger in developing countries
US inflation
The Fed's leaning to raise interest rates by 50 basis points
Performance linked to the Expo 2020, relaxed pandemic measures
Mohammed Bin Rashid: Future is promising, and the best is yet to come
Contracts industry rose to 78 percent in 2021
S&P Global Saudi PMI rose to 56.8 in March
$300 million to support the UN humanitarian program in Yemen
Summit lays the groundwork for responsible, sustainable future economies
Abu Dhabi
The emirate’s economy recovered from the pandemic’s repercussions
Gulf countries support Egypt with 22 billion dollars
Mastercard to connect 25 million women to digital economy by 2025
Expo 2020
73.5 percent of the private companies established new business partnerships
Oman debt
Oil production in the Sultanate to reach 1.040 million bpd in 2022
القمة العالمية الحكومات
Economic sectors account for 52 percent of discussions
Governments and private sectors reduce working hours
Expo 2020
Grand Finale... Record number of visitors and biggest deals
Forbes Under 30
Dubai Crown Prince meets with ”Forbes 30 under 30”
Egypt Qatar
Egypt is facing new financial pressures related to the war in Ukraine
Investment Summit
100 innovative ideas, business opportunities across the world
UAE Kuwait trade
The virtual trade corridor will simplify and facilitate cross-border trade
Consumer confidence
The region's net consumer confidence increasing 0.7 percent
federal building finance ministry
Confirmation of food reserves for at least six months
Increase in sales, decline in productivity
Egypt budget
The measure aims to deal with the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis
Budget surplus forecast as oil global prices soar
Saudi economy
Non-oil activities grew 5.1% in Q4 year on year
Sanctions Russia
Sanctions driving central banks and investors to reassess the dollar
Saudi inflation
This is attributed to the 4.3% increase in transportation prices
Saudi Crown Prince development fund
An integrated financial institution towards achieving "Vision 2030"
inflation qatar
Inflationary pressures were already expected
UAE leading reform in the region and globally. Saudi advancing vision 2030
Gulf woman business
Gulf countries enacted legislation to remove obstacles that held women back
Dubai non-oil
Omicron has had only a minor impact on the economy
Gold market
Saudi first in the Arab world and 18th globally with reserves of 310.3 tons
Emerging economies
In February, Emerging market securities attracted $17.6 billion
Saudi defense
Anticipation of an economic contribution reaching $186.6 million
UAE trade
Dubai Ruler: independence from oil reaching sustainable levels
Saudi business
SMEs among the most important drivers of economic growth
The event is back with a content-led and thought-provoking edition this March
Oman Economy
This year, the deficit is expected to reach 5% of GDP
UAE India relations
Expectations to raise non-oil infrastructure trade to more than $100 billion 
Saudi women
The number of Saudis in the labor market reached over 1.9 million
JIhad Azour
Azour: Investments needed in renewable energy and economic diversification
inflation Saudi
Saudi expects an inflation rate of 1.3% in 2022, and 2% in 2023 and 2024
Saudi Aramco
Transfer part of Saudi's long-term strategy to restructure its economy
UAE Flag
UAE enters the next 50 by being at the forefront of global economies
الاستثمارات الأجنبية المباشرة
UNCTAD: Global FDI flows surged 77% in 2021
PIF headquarters
The fund's assets increased to $412 billion in 2020 from $152 billion in 2015
قمة "انفستوبيا" للاستثمار توقع شراكة مع "ديليوت" الشرق الأوسط
Both parties will jointly study economic areas such as investments in AI
A study looks at how effective is UAE's new shorter working week
US Federal Reserve
To which extent interest rates will rise? How quickly will the Fed react?
UAE Economy
The agreement consolidates efforts to host Investopia summit
What are the major market indicators influencing interest rates?
GCC Flags
Higher oil production to boost overall GCC economic growth in 2021
Stabilizing inflation among institution's main goals
ECB still buying govt bonds, corporate securities
Middle East Economy Map
Region faces balancing act between COVID-19 battle and economic growth
Dubai saves AED1,3B and 14M working hours with new policy
Q3 growth at 7% YoY, beating estimates