Khalil Alami, CEO of Telr- Propriety tech provides merchants customized experiences

An Interview at Seamless with Khalil Alami, CEO of Telr, revealed that payment gateways are the choice for merchants and consumers alike because they connect and enable merchants to accept payments online from their customers and provide a certain level of convenience for customers allowing them to purchase services or goods from beloved brands, websites or mobile apps.

“We provide a certain level of comfort and security while also focusing on enhancing the technology and customer experience for such consumers,” Khalil said.

“So, it’s very important for merchants who want to transact in e-commerce or online to select a proper gateway that provides security, comfort, and great customer experiences and that’s what we try to achieve here at Telr.”

In terms of what separates Telr from the competition, Khalil added: “Various payment gateway players around the world are all good, but what’s different about Telr is that since we  built our own propriety technology (back in 2014), and we were the first to be PCI DSS certified in all the MENA region, which is the highest level of security standards in our industry, we are able to provide a customized experience for merchants.”

Learn more about how Telr excels in this business by watching the video here.