Interview with Moussa Beidas, Ideation lead at PWC Middle East

In an interview with Economy Middle East at LEAP 2024, Moussa Beidas, Ideation lead at PWC Middle East, discussed key points on upskilling and AI adoption in Saudi Arabia.

Beidas emphasized the significant economic impact of upskilling Saudi engineering talent, projecting a GDP contribution exceeding $135 billion by 2030, in line with the Kingdom’s diversification goals.

He highlighted Saudi Arabia’s proactive approach to AI adoption, particularly within the public sector.

Moreover, Beidas outlined PwC’s role in supporting Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision, including the establishment of a center of excellence with Microsoft to upskill the workforce.

Regarding AI-centered job opportunities, Beidas encouraged viewing GenAI as a complementary technology, empowering the existing workforce to enhance efficiency, rather than focusing on job replacement concerns.