Fifa World Cup boosts travel to UAE more than 100 times

Dubai is the most popular onward destination for fans attending games
Fifa World Cup boosts travel to UAE more than 100 times
A man takes photographs at Doha Corniche (Image credit: EPA)

According to new data from travel data company FowardKeys, more than 100 times as many flight tickets from the UAE to Qatar were booked during the FIFA World Cup compared to 2016.

Data revealed that there are already 103 times more tickets booked from the UAE to Qatar between November 14 and December 24, 2022.

The data also demonstrated how the UAE and other Gulf states will benefit from passengers continuing their journeys, with Dubai being by far the most popular onward destination from Qatar during the World Cup.

Flights to GCC countries have increased overall during the tournament, 16% higher than in a normal year for the competition as a whole, and 61% higher in the early stages.

According to ForwardKeys, 65% of those traveling to Qatar for the World Cup and then on to another destination will be going to Dubai.

This is followed by Abu Dhabi (14% of onward passengers), Jeddah (8%), Muscat (6%), and Madinah (3%).

“The UAE’s strong showing is explained by a lack of accommodation in Qatar.” On match days, many people are expected to stay in the UAE and fly over for the day. Day trips currently account for 4% of all arrivals in Qatar during the World Cup, with the UAE accounting for 85%,” the report said.

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