18 services turn proactive, UAE’s Ministry of Economy says

Ministry aims to reduce the percentage of fines or violations against customers
18 services turn proactive, UAE’s Ministry of Economy says
Abdulla Al Saleh

The Ministry of Economy announced the development of a set of services aimed at becoming proactive and providing them to customers via digital channels, which included 18 different services aimed at individuals and institutions.

The developed services included commercial license renewal and cancellation, trademark services, joint stock companies, and foreign company branches, in addition to other services targeted at both individuals as well as institutions.

“By developing these services, the Ministry of Economy aims to reduce the percentage of fines or violations against customers, and improve their experience with government services provided, by providing distinguished services in accordance with the highest quality standards applied globally,” said Abdulla Al Saleh, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy.

He emphasized that during the following phase, the ministry will continue its efforts to work with its strategic partners to transform 100 percent of its convertible services into proactive operations offered to clients around the clock.

The service development process included adding updated proactive informational and reminder features based on artificial intelligence (AI) techniques such as the service of automatic alert notifications on specified dates. 

Furthermore, the benefits included renewing a commercial agency’s registration, re-registering a canceled company, licensing the use of a trademark, registering private joint stock companies, canceling private joint stock company registration, registering a branch of a foreign facility, or canceling the trade license with the Department of Economic Development.

Other features include the ability to smartly provide automatic information to customers, which facilitates and speeds up their access to the service and the submission of applications. Among these services are trademark ownership transfer, trademark cancellation, trademark infringement complaints, trademark mortgage requests, and data modification.