A regional first: A.I. smart taxis to hit UAE roads soon

Vehicles boast cutting-edge features and safety innovations
A regional first: A.I. smart taxis to hit UAE roads soon
AI-powered taxis are the future of public transportation

Set to hit the roads of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the next two months, Hyundai UAE’s smart taxis represent an important milestone in the transportation industry. Dubbed the “Hyundai A.I. Smart Taxi,” the vehicle will be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and equipped with an array of groundbreaking features.

“This is the region’s first AI smart taxi. This is the first-ever total taxi solution integrated into the body of a vehicle,” Suliman Al Zaben said in a media interview. Al Zaben is the director of Hyundai UAE.

He also noted, “We are talking about integration and partnership between the public and private sectors.” The executive emphasized that the company has been working closely with various organizations. These include the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) in Abu Dhabi and the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai. 

Innovative features

The UAE’s AI smart taxis were first unveiled at the two-day Abu Dhabi Smart City Summit. The taxi is a Sonata hybrid car, sporting the iconic silver livery of Abu Dhabi’s public cabs. 

One of the most notable features of these smart taxis is the incorporation of four AI-equipped cameras designed to monitor several elements. These include the driver’s alertness, reaction time, and other safety indicators. This advanced technology will help ensure passengers’ safety.

“The cameras will monitor the fatigue status of the driver. The facial recognition feature will ensure safety during the trip,” explained Al Zaben. He added that it will also help prevent unsafe situations that may arise, such as drivers dozing off.

The vehicle will also come equipped with a smart meter that features integrated payment solutions.

UAE smart taxis

Another standout aspect is the game-changing lost-and-found system. Al Zaben revealed, “This is the first lost-and-found system globally.”

“The system can detect any item left behind by the passenger. It is immediately reported to the operation room of the taxi company, which instantly informs the driver. This happens in a fraction of a second. So, the driver will be able to alert the passenger immediately,” he elaborated.

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Better mobility experience

These smart taxis also utilize edge computing technology. This significantly enhances response times while conserving bandwidth. The vehicles will have two interactive screens, offering passengers details about their trip. Passengers can also access information on tourist destinations and their drivers.

The technical equipment installed inside the vehicle facilitates the real-time collection of data for remote monitoring, enabling the implementation of appropriate measures. 

The introduction of these AI smart taxis marks a significant leap forward in the UAE’s ongoing efforts to embrace cutting-edge technology when it comes to mobility. 

Apart from rolling out these cutting-edge taxis, the UAE also has ambitious plans to see 42,000 electric vehicles cruising on its roads by 2030. In Dubai, the government has further set a target for autonomous vehicles to make up a quarter of all journeys by 2030.

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