ADNEC: Bolstering Abu Dhabi’s vision for economic growth

Global Media Congress ideal gateway for regional emerging companies
Humaid Matar Al Dhaheri, MD and Group CEO, ADNEC

 Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC) is a key contributor to the development of the business tourism sector in Abu Dhabi, helping the UAE capital become a leading destination for business meetings and events as part of the city’s bid to achieve its long-term goals of economic growth and diversification.

In the following interview, Humaid Matar Al Dhaheri, MD and Group CEO, ADNEC, discusses with Economy Middle East the first ever Global Media Congress, the many ways ADCEC helps fulfill Abu Dhabi’s business and growth objectives, as well as the key role media plays in supporting this endeavor.

Can you describe the reasons behind the UAE’s stature as a global platform for media organizations?


The UAE is a key global player in shaping the future of the media industry and we have the ability to unite some of the world’s greatest minds in the field.

As we saw with our involvement in hosting and organizing the first-ever Global Media Congress, this complemented ADNEC Group’s commitment to creating a regional epicenter for the event that allowed us to share our vision for establishing a true focal point for the industry, creatives, and talent to collaborate, powered by state-of-the-art infrastructure and the very latest technologies, all integrated for the first time. 

The event united the entire media sector to exchange groundbreaking ideas and cutting-edge solutions shaping the future of the industry, in line with ADNEC Group’s goals. We were proud to provide a unique platform to highlight the position of mass media in the Middle East while engaging a global audience as well as driving innovative visions and collaborations that help advance the sector.

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In how many ways is ADNEC helping support Abu Dhabi’s economy?


ADNEC Group makes strategic contributions to the sustainable growth of Abu Dhabi’s tourism industry and brings business and leisure travelers together to create a valuable social and economic impact on the UAE capital. We aim to diversify our operations by focusing on a number of promising economic and investment sectors in the business and leisure tourism industries and achieving integration among them, which will contribute to enhancing our competitiveness on regional and international levels.

ADNEC Group maximizes the social and economic benefits to Abu Dhabi’s business and tourism sectors by holistically managing a group of business entities that provide and maintain facilities and services at the highest standards.

ADNEC Group is playing a crucial role in driving Abu Dhabi’s economic diversification, positively supporting the evolving interests of businesses in the Emirate and across the UAE. A global hub for major events, the ADNEC center has exceptional infrastructure, flexible teams, and the right facilities to ensure long-term and sustainable development as well as provide key services through a number of companies specialized in Destination Management, Catering, Hospitality, and more.


What are the overarching aims of the Global Media Conference beyond a meet-and-greet media event?


The Global Media Congress created an ideal gateway for emerging companies in the region to enter the Middle East, to network with the most prominent regional and global parties, and discuss the latest innovations. The event provided opportunities for various media institutions to discuss partnerships and collaborative ventures that will bolster the development of the media sector, ensuring its long-term sustainability, and the continued provision of solid, reliable, and highly credible content.

Under the theme “Shaping the Future of the Media Industry,” the specialized three-day conference saw in-depth discussions aimed at uniting the entire media sector to exchange ground-breaking ideas and cutting-edge solutions that are shaping the future of the industry. It provided a unique platform to drive innovation and collaborations that will advance the sector.

There was also a focus on the conference and workshops for young media professionals that offered a platform for journalists, tech firms, content creators, digital marketing specialists, streaming giants, entertainment executives, regulators, and key media stakeholders to share ideas and exchange experiences. 

In today’s digital communications, what is the impact of artificial intelligence on media, and what advanced technology is being integrated innovatively in this sector?


Advanced technology in digital communications is transforming the sector, driving efficiencies and enabling targeted communications, yielding positive outcomes. Artificial intelligence optimizes digital communications for businesses and media professionals by delivering the key messages that enable growth and retain customers. Advanced technologies help monitor social data and interpret results to enhance messaging with personalization and optimization of user experiences. Technology is advancing rapidly and companies that innovate are retaining customers and maximizing their earning potential.


Of the group’s six clusters – Food & Beverage, Hotels, Events, Venues, Tourism and Services – which are most on ADNEC’s development agenda and budget focus, and why?


ADNEC Group is made up of leading business entities with business interests in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and London that perfectly align with our future growth plans across the UAE, Middle East, and Europe.

Our new corporate identity also reflects the Group’s refreshed vision and mission, as it seeks to expand both in business terms and geographically. Through our rebranding, we have raised the visibility of all of our six main business segments – Venues, Events, Hotels, F&B, Services, and Tourism which are all of equal importance and have a strong focus. 

What media trends and challenges is the Global Media Conference addressing and attempting to overcome?


The event aimed to formulate a vision of the future for the media industry, which has become the main catalyst of sustainable development in communities. It shed light on the role of media in the Middle East and pushed toward developing the sector by reaching global audiences, supporting the realization of innovative visions, and establishing cooperation relations.

The conference also focused on a number of main themes, topics, and issues, including digital communication, the impact of artificial intelligence on contemporary media, and the integration of advanced technologies and innovation in the media sector.