AI takes over: Kuwait’s Fidda paves way for virtual broadcasting

A new era of journalism
AI takes over: Kuwait’s Fidda paves way for virtual broadcasting
Kuwait News introduces Fidda, the first AI journalist

The journalism industry is experiencing a surge of AI-powered innovations, including virtual broadcasters, smart writers, and ChatGBT robots.

“Fidda” has been introduced as the first Kuwaiti virtual broadcaster utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology in a trial phase aimed at producing new content, as per Agence France-Presse. The project’s organizers, Kuwait News, unveiled Fidda on their Twitter account, which is one of several media branches of Kuwait Times. The newspaper, which has been in circulation for 61 years, was the first English-language daily newspaper published in Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf.

Wearing a white shirt and black jacket, Fidda made her debut in fluent Arabic, introducing herself as the first AI broadcaster in Kuwait working for the Kuwait New Media Corporation. She asked for the audience’s news preferences and opinions. 

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According to Abdullah Boftin, co-director of Kuwait News and deputy editor-in-chief of Kuwait Times, Fidda is currently being trialed to explore the potential of AI in creating new and innovative content. Fidda’s name, which comes from an old and popular Kuwaiti name meaning “silver,” was chosen to reflect the typical image of robots as silver and made of metal.

A team is closely monitoring the feedback on Fidda’s performance, with plans to potentially have her use the Kuwaiti dialect in future broadcasts for the newspaper’s Twitter account, which has over 1.2 million followers. Boftin emphasized that Fidda’s appearance, with blonde hair and light eyes, represents the diversity of the population in Kuwait, which includes both Kuwaitis and expatriates.

Fidda has already gained significant attention on social media in Kuwait, with media professionals and correspondents engaging with her. However, some have raised concerns about the potential replacement of human broadcasters with AI technology in the future.

With the advent of significant technological advancements, Gulf newspapers have turned to the Chat GBT robot to assist in journalistic editing and writing accurate articles in various languages around the world. The Kuwaiti newspaper “Al-Rai” has introduced the “Kout Bin Qurain” smart writer, while “Independent Arabia” announced the appointment of Zaki bin Muddashir as its AI-powered writer in Saudi Arabia.

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