In action for a greener tomorrow: Al Masaood group’s practical approach to cleaner power solutions

The Abu Dhabi-based business showcases its solar-powered clean technology at much-awaited COP28 UAE 
In action for a greener tomorrow: Al Masaood group’s practical approach to cleaner power solutions
Building a greener tomorrow

Sustainability is an unavoidable discourse in today’s world, especially in the Middle East, a region known of its abundance of fossil fuels where an imperative for energy transition, conversations around sustainability is pervasive. From national decarbonization and energy transition strategies to organizations pledging to reduce emissions, incorporate electrification and embrace cleaner energy sources, the global landscape is undergoing a transformation – clearly moving toward the shared goal of a more sustainable future. 

The region’s efforts to meet these goals are coming to fruition as it prepares for COP28 UAE, set to unfold in Dubai. Bolstering the nation’s commitment to sustainability, Al Masaood Group, a distinguished business conglomerate based in Abu Dhabi, is set to make its mark at this eagerly anticipated edition of the climate conference. Al Masaood, which has consistently been an advocate for and an active participant in the sustainability conversation, recognizes the value of walking the talk, and will be present at COP28, showcasing its efforts toward the same. The spotlight of the Group’s presence at COP28 will be the innovative, homegrown, SHAMS+ charging infrastructure, which is developed by Al Masaood Power Division.  

Designed and manufactured in the UAE – a first for this kind of solution – SHAMS+ is an off-grid charging network for electric vehicles and hybrid marine vehicles powered entirely by solar energy. This revolutionary system boosts re-deployability and carbon-neutrality, and demands minimal maintenance, positioning it as an effective ally in the efforts to mitigate climate change.  

The multi-vehicle-capable solution aims to deliver sustainable battery charging at an accelerated speed, beginning at just 25 minutes for fast charging. This ultra-fast charging solution will serve as a solar power system with an extensive network of charging stations that can cater to all battery charging needs in the mobility sector. 

With this ability to provide sustainable battery charging at an accelerated speed, SHAMS+ addresses a critical need in the rapidly evolving field of electric and hybrid vehicles. The positive impact of SHAMS+ is not just confined to technological advancements but also ripples through environmental and societal spheres, marking a significant step toward a cleaner and more sustainable world. 

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As the first fully manufactured charging solution in the UAE, SHAMS+ serves as a significant milestone in Al Masaood’s sustainability journey – in alignment with the UAE’s Net Zero strategic initiative. The aim is to accelerate the transition to cleaner and greener transportation infrastructure, bringing EVs to the forefront as a potent solution against climate change. Technologies like these have the potential of altering behaviors and increasing the adoption of clean alternatives, which is exactly the kind of pattern Al Masaood is aiming to create with its sustainability endeavors. 

As EV adoption grows – both in the UAE and globally – and the demand for more charging infrastructure increases, off-grid charging solutions are proving to be crucial facilitators. In fact, in 2021, off-grid chargers dominated the global solar EV charging market.1 Owing to their ability to expand power generation capacity and fulfill energy needs in the long run while being fully self-sustaining, these solutions are poised to be the future of the EV charging industry.  

They offer the flexibility to deploy charging stations in remote areas without the complexities of traditional foundation digging or trenching, making them exceptionally adaptable to diverse environments. The beauty of off-grid solutions lies in their ability to circumvent the need for spare grid capacity or having to endure waiting times tied to the grid, thus eliminating bottlenecks and streamlining the path to widespread EV adoption. By providing a seamless charging experience and addressing logistical challenges, off-grid solutions like SHAMS+ play a pivotal role in fostering the growth of electric mobility. 

Al Masaood Group photo at COP28

Moreover, the growth of EV charging networks can drive advancements in software solutions, connectivity and data analytics, creating a more intelligent and interconnected charging ecosystem. By investing their resources in developing technologies like SHAMS+, organizations like Al Masaood are setting the tone for promoting research and investment into infrastructure powered by renewable energy. 

As the global community prepares for the dialogue and outcomes of COP28 UAE, technological endeavors like SHAMS+ stand as exemplars of practical innovation to address substantial needs and hold the potential to considerably impact major players within the decarbonization conversation. As nations convene to address climate change, we must aspire to create and adopt more practical, accessible and flexible solutions that offer concrete steps to inch us forward in the collective goal of a cleaner, greener environment. 

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