All you need to know about Egypt’s new presidential jumbo jet

Purchase branded unjustifiable in a time of economic turmoil
All you need to know about Egypt’s new presidential jumbo jet
Egypt’s Boeing 747-8 (Image credit: Simple Flying)

The Egyptian government is set to receive a new presidential jumbo jet at a cost of $240 million.

The country is struggling to generate foreign currency for imports and tackle inflation.

Egyptian MP Mostafa Bakry denied lately that the new plane cost $500 million, claiming that it cost no more than $240 million.

The 747-8 jet would become an Egyptian executive aircraft, taking SU-GGG registration, and it will replace the 28-year-old presidential Airbus A340, which would be retired in 2023.

According to several reports, the German airliner Lufthansa sold one of its Boeing 747-8 passenger planes to an “unidentified customer” in 2020, later found it was Egypt.

The new aircraft arrived in Ireland on August 26th for a proper coating. 

Egypt is far from the only country using the Boeing 747-8 for executive transport, according to one source. The U.S. has ordered two to replace their current 747-200 Air Force Ones. In addition, South Korea, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, and Turkey will or are using 747-8 variants to transport their government executives.

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