All you need to know: UAE rankings in top international indices

Performance epitomizes the nation's relentless drive towards progress and innovation
All you need to know: UAE rankings in top international indices
The UAE's standing in various global rankings highlights its economic growth, exceptional living standards, and appeal to foreign investments.

The UAE has performed exceptionally well in various international indices. Its rankings across competitiveness, quality of life and prosperity, among others, underscore its prominence in the internationally community. Moreover, the nation’s standing in various global rankings highlights its economic growth, exceptional living standards, and appeal to foreign investments.

This article tackles some of the notable rankings of the UAE in top international indices.

IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook

Our focus begins with renowned indices such as the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook. Within this prestigious statistical yearbook, the UAE’s rankings reflect its progressive role on the global stage.

This year, the nation received high honors among the world’s most competitive nations. Specifically, the UAE clinched the top spot in five key indicators:

  • Access to electricity: Leading the charge, the UAE tops the worldwide list, standing as a clear testament to its robust power infrastructure. This high ranking spotlights the efficiency and reliability of the country’s power utilities.
  • Satisfaction with the roads and highways system: Once more, the UAE spearheads the global list, with the highest satisfaction levels for its advanced roads and highways system.
  • Energy infrastructure: Not resting on its laurels, the impressive energy infrastructure of the UAE enabled it to secure the top spot. Additionally, this ranking denotes that the nation is fully empowered to sustain its ambitious growth plans.
  • City management: Meanwhile, the UAE’s focus on effective city management has catapulted it to the top of this index. This serves as evidence of the nation’s commitment to fostering urban environments that are livable and thriving.
  • Access to clean fuels and technologies for cooking: Furthermore, it took the global top spot in this area, echoing its steadfast commitment to sustainable solutions.

Moreover, the UAE secured the third global position in total local energy production and wastewater treatment efficiency and the sixth spot in water production. These UAE rankings reaffirm its dedication to achieving industrial and technological competitiveness.

Competitive Industrial Performance Index

Moving on, the UAE also showcased remarkable performance in the Competitive Industrial Performance Index (CPI). The United Nations Industrial Development Organization publishes the index, emphasizing the UAE’s influential role in the global industrial ecosystem.

In the latest rankings, the UAE earned the top spot in the Arab region and claimed the 29th spot globally. Notably, the UAE has seen a steady ascent, moving up two positions from the previous year’s index.

The CPI is designed to gauge national industrial performance within the global economic framework. Further, it measures a variety of indicators, including technological capabilities, innovation, productivity, and trade performance.

In 2021, the UAE initiated Operation 300bn, a ten-year strategy to establish the nation as an industrial hub by 2031. The plan aims to increase the industrial sector’s gross domestic product contribution to Dh300 bn in 2031 from Dh133 bn in 2021.

Given the continuous advancements and strategic planning, the UAE rankings in future CIP releases are poised to see an upward trend.

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UAE rankings

World Happiness Report

Indeed, happiness can be measured, as evidenced by the annual World Happiness Report. Produced by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, it aims to promote sustainable development through a happiness lens.

Taking into consideration various factors like economic prosperity, social support, and personal freedom, among others, the happiness of a nation is meticulously appraised.

To illustrate, consider the UAE rankings. The report positions it 26th among 149 countries. The UAE’s recurrent listing among the happiest nations since 2012 amplifies its citizens’ as well as residents’ happiness levels and life satisfaction.

Global Talent Competitiveness Index

On the other hand, the Global Talent Competitiveness Index is an annual report published by INSEAD, a leading global business school. It works in collaboration with the Descartes Institute for the Future and the Human Capital Leadership Institute.

The UAE placed 25th worldwide in the latest edition of the index. More so, according to the report’s conclusions, global talent competitiveness remains dynamic and replete with promising prospects despite persisting imbalances.

Legatum Prosperity Index

Meanwhile, the UAE ranked 44th in The Legatum Prosperity Index, out of 167 countries. Notably, it is the 2nd best performing country in the Middle East and North Africa region.

According to the index, the UAE performs strongly in Infrastructure & Market Access  as well as Enterprise Conditions. It also achieved the biggest improvement in the Natural Environment category, thanks to its various sustainability initiatives and its commitment to net zero.

The ranking is published annually by The Legatum Institute to promote prosperity among individuals, families, communities and nations.

The path forward

Looking ahead, these UAE rankings epitomize the nation’s relentless drive towards progress and innovation. As such, the nation stands as a beacon of excellence and an inspiration to other countries.

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