Amira Sajwani launches new proptech transforming the real estate experience

New platform will simplify the property ownership journey
Amira Sajwani launches new proptech transforming the real estate experience
PRYPTO Founder and CEO Amira Sajwani

Leading real estate businesswoman and entrepreneur Amira Sajwani plans to create a new category-defining business and set a new bar for the way people experience property dealings with the launch of proptech startup PRYPTO. 

PRYPTO is a one-stop destination that brings buyers, investors, homeowners, and agents together to enjoy the real estate experience. It is an ecosystem that puts people first by simplifying the property ownership journey and letting them benefit from personalized advice from business development, sales, and mortgage executives. 

“There are so many layers to investing in real estate or purchasing your dream home. We adopt a customer-friendly and holistic approach covering the gamut of processes related to buying property,” PRYPTO Founder and CEO Amira Sajwani said.

“With so many diverse developers, agents, and mortgage providers in the market, a platform like PRYPTO will benefit all. I’m looking forward to servicing all industry players and customers,” she added.

Through her established career in real estate, Sajwani brings a wealth of experience to the table with PRYPTO. The company is built on the foundation of strong partnerships with leading property agents, sales agents, and global financial institutions as well as her tech knowledge.

The team at the newly-launched startup brings to the table a collective experience that includes deliverables of more than AED 2 billion in mortgages, 1,000+ satisfied buyers, and 500+ pre-approvals. The fully-digital portal features a dedicated dashboard, instant approvals, and commissions will be disbursed through the portal itself creating a win-win for both customers and agents alike. 

Moreover, PRYPTO will provide services for: Mortgage, Equity Release, Buyouts, Rent Now Pay Later (RNPL), Fractional Ownership, and other trailblazing concepts in the future. 

Sajwani is committed to establishing PRYPTO as the largest prop-tech and property investment platform, with plans to expand both regionally and globally.

“We do all the heavy lifting, from getting our customers the best mortgage rates, getting pre-approvals within 48 hours, and ensuring customers that they maximize their return on their investments,” Sajwani said.

“This will not be your typical prop-tech venture. PRYPTO is a tech ecosystem that will redefine the real estate experience for customers and agents alike,” she concluded.

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