Binance Bahrain BSC launches crypto futures in that country

Local users eligible for USD-margined, coin-margined futures
Binance Bahrain BSC launches crypto futures in that country
Binance Bahrain has launched its futures products in Bahrain

Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, has launched its futures products in Bahrain after receiving regulatory permission to offer the products to eligible local users. Binance Bahrain BSC is the first regulated exchange in the region to offer these services and the only exchange with a CAT4 license.

The launch of these products follows a comprehensive regulatory review and consultation period to ensure that Binance Bahrain BSC, which operates the regulated Binance Bahrain platform, has met the necessary compliance and governance requirements to offer futures products locally in a regulated manner.

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Eligible local users must complete and pass a mandatory suitability assessment questionnaire in order to access the products.

Additionally, users worldwide utilize Binance’s futures products for liquidity and hedging and enjoy low slippage and highly competitive prices. Binance leads the global digital assets market in both spot and futures trading volume and order book depth.

Building sustainable ecosystem

Tameem Al-Moosawi, the general manager of Binance Bahrain, expressed satisfaction with the ability to provide crypto futures to users and fulfill the demand for liquidity products. He also conveyed gratitude to the Central Bank of Bahrain for their consultation, which facilitated the regulated introduction of these products to the market. Al-Moosawi emphasized Binance’s commitment to compliance and prioritizing user satisfaction. The focus remains on developing a sustainable local digital assets ecosystem for the long-term.

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