Celebrating Emirati Women’s Day: Honoring the pillars of society

Impactful events recognizing women's contributions to development
Celebrating Emirati Women’s Day: Honoring the pillars of society
Emirati Women's Day

Every year on August 28th, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) celebrates Emirati Women’s Day. This special occasion is dedicated to honoring and acknowledging the vital role women play in advancing and constructing society. It also recognizes their active participation across various domains. Emirati Women’s Day stands as a significant milestone for recognizing the remarkable accomplishments women have achieved in their pursuit of excellence and progress.  It acknowledges the remarkable accomplishments women have achieved. It honors their pursuit of excellence and progress.

Pivotal role

On November 30, 2014, Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Al Ketbi made a proclamation. Sheikha Fatima is the chairwoman of the General Women’s Union (GWU). She is also the president of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood. Additionally, Sheikha Fatima serves as the Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation (FDF). Her proclamation designated August 28th as a national day of celebration. This day is dedicated to honoring Emirati women and their notable achievements across all fields. This significant date was chosen for a specific purpose. It aims to highlight the pivotal role played by GWU and its associations. Their role is to promote the progress and empowerment of women in the country. It also commemorates the inception of the Supreme Council of the Union, which commenced its transformative work in 1975.

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Expo Dubai celebrating Emirati women

This year, Expo Dubai commemorates Emirati Women’s Day with a vibrant and enriched program at the Women’s Pavilion. This includes the inauguration of a digital exhibition in partnership with the Gulf Art Museum, the pioneering digital museum showcasing the artistic endeavors of individuals from the Gulf region. The exhibition specifically focuses on highlighting the remarkable contributions of Emirati women to the arts. This captivating initiative adds an extra layer of creativity and recognition to the celebration of Emirati Women’s Day at Expo Dubai.

Emirati Women's Day

Impactful events

An impressive array of UAE Women’s Day events is currently being meticulously crafted and curated for 2023, promising a fresh and enjoyable experience like never before.

Emirati Women’s Day 2023 encompasses a diverse array of events that exemplify the deep respect and equality accorded to women in Emirati society, recognizing their rights and responsibilities alongside men. Here are the notable national events scheduled for Emirati Women’s Day 2023:

  • Hosting a series of symposiums and lectures addressing women’s issues, emphasizing their influential role in economic, social, and educational development.
  • Conducting a range of educational and training workshops across various fields, empowering women with skills to actively participate in the workforce and society.
  • Organizing captivating art shows and exhibitions that showcase the creativity and innovation of women in cultural arts.
  • Presenting performance shows that demonstrate women’s ingenuity and brilliance across all cultural domains.
  • Paying homage to Emirati women who have significantly contributed to the country’s progress and renaissance in science, art, culture, and education.
  • Launching awareness campaigns on health, education, and women’s rights to foster understanding and drive positive change.

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