COP28: What’s Blue Zone and Green Zone?

Biggest climate event to be held at Expo City Dubai
COP28: What’s Blue Zone and Green Zone?
All activities will be held in either the Green Zone or the Blue Zone

When it comes to international efforts to combat climate change, the Conference of the Parties (COP) meetings under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) take center stage. These gatherings provide a platform for crucial negotiations and discussions among world leaders and stakeholders.

What’s COP28?

COP28 refers the 28th edition of the Conference of Parties (COP) that initially agreed to the UN’s climate deal. The first COP was held in Bonn, Germany in 1995. Since then, there have been 27 editions, the last being in Egypt.

The treaty – the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – came into force in 1994. It aims to prevent dangerous human interference with the world’s climate.

When’s COP28?

Cop28 is scheduled to take place from November 30 to December 12, 2023. According to organizers, more than 70,000 delegates are expected to attend from around the world. Significantly, COP28 will be an important milestone because it is here in the UAE where the world will take stock of its progress on the Paris Agreement.

The first Global Stocktake (GST) will provide a comprehensive assessment of progress since adopting the Paris Agreement. Moreover, it will help align the efforts on climate action, including measures that need to be put in place to bridge the gaps in progress.

Where’s COP28?

Expo City Dubai will be the venue for COP28 UAE. Organizers are encouraging COP28 attendees to use the Dubai Metro to reach Expo 2020 Metro Station via the Metro Red Line. This connects DXB Airport, the main hotels and tourist attractions in Dubai. Dubai Metro operating hours are from 05:00 until 00:00.

To navigate the intricate web of activities of COP28 UAE, there are two interconnected zones that will host the activities and attendees at Expo City Dubai. One is the Blue Zone and the other, the Green Zone.


What’s COP28 Blue Zone?

The Blue Zone at COP28 UAE is under the management of the UNFCCC. It serves as the nerve center for official negotiations and high-level meetings. Reserved for accredited participants, including government representatives, negotiators, observers, and accredited media, it is the epicenter of decision-making on international climate policies and agreements.

In addition, the Blue Zone will host the World Climate Action Summit, the country pavilions, and presidency events. In addition, there will be hundreds of side events including panel discussions, round tables, and cultural events. This zone will have the following key functions:

  • Negotiations: Vital discussions shaping the global response to climate change unfold within the Blue Zone.
  • Decision-making: High-stakes decisions are made, impacting the trajectory of international climate action.
  • Policy formulation: Governments and stakeholders collaborate on crafting policies that address the complexities of climate challenges.

What’s COP28 Green Zone?

Contrasting with the exclusivity of the Blue Zone, the Green Zone is a more inclusive space designed to engage the wider public. NGOs, businesses, and diverse stakeholders are also welcome to visit the Green Zone. It serves as a hub for innovation, collaboration, and showcasing solutions to climate-related issues.

The key functions of the Green Zone include:

  • Accessibility: Open to the public, visitors can explore breakthrough climate innovations, cutting-edge tech, and interactive exhibits. Moreover, there will also be inspiring art installations, film screenings, and talks across this zone in Expo City Dubai.
  • Cultural Exhibitions: Pavilions and exhibitions highlight climate-related initiatives, innovations, and sustainable practices.
  • Dialogue and collaboration: The Green Zone facilitates meaningful conversations among attendees, promoting collaboration to address climate challenges collectively.

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Navigating COP28: What to expect

While the general structure of the Blue and Green Zones remains consistent across COP28 conferences, it’s crucial to stay updated on specific arrangements for each event. COP28, like its predecessors, will likely feature these zones as integral components of the conference experience.

How to get your Green Zone pass?

The Green Zone is accessible to everyone and stands as the central hub where climate action takes center stage. To secure your place, simply visit and reserve your tickets. For a comprehensive guide to the Green Zone layout, navigate to the website, ensuring you maximize your visit.

Each ticket holds validity for the specific day you select and permits a single scan, making it non-transferable for multiple entries. Please note that Green Zone Day Passes won’t be available during the initial three days of the conference, from November 30 to December 2. During this period, entry to the Green Zone is exclusive and by invitation only.


As the world grapples with the urgency of climate change, COP conferences play a pivotal role in shaping global responses. Understanding the dynamics of the Blue Zone and Green Zone provides insight into the multifaceted approach necessary for effective climate action. Stay tuned for more updates on COP28 and join the conversation in the Green Zone as we collectively work towards a sustainable future.

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