COP28: Event kicks off today in Dubai with app launch for seamless climate engagement

Accelerated action, higher ambition against the escalating climate crisis
COP28: Event kicks off today in Dubai with app launch for seamless climate engagement

Today marks the commencement of the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP28 in Dubai, which begins with a powerful plea to expedite collaborative efforts towards addressing climate change. This conference unfolds amidst the backdrop of the hottest year ever documented in human history, as the far-reaching consequences of the climate crisis continue to inflict unparalleled devastation upon human existence and well-being worldwide.

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Taking place from November 30 to December 12, 2023, COP28 in Dubai, UAE, stands as a critical juncture to translate climate commitments into action and avert the most dire consequences of climate change. The UAE assumes the presidency for COP28, with Dr. Sultan Al Jaber serving as this year’s president.

COP28 UAE official app

To enhance and streamline the experience for all attendees during the two-week conference, COP28 UAE has introduced its official mobile app. The COP28 UAE Official App is now accessible for download on Android, iPhone, and Huawei devices, catering to all registered participants. Simply log in using the email address you used to register for COP28.

Key features and benefits 

This user-friendly app offers a range of features to facilitate navigation and provide timely updates. Attendees in both the Blue and Green Zones can effortlessly manage their schedules, locate important meetings and events, and stay informed about real-time program changes. Interactive maps and step-by-step directions assist visitors in navigating Expo City Dubai, enabling them to explore the comprehensive COP28 UAE program, which encompasses climate action events, exhibitions, and entertainment.

The app’s interactive maps, links to official document downloads, FAQs, guides, and schedule planner aim to reduce reliance on printed materials and the need for multiple power-intensive devices.

Additionally, the app offers daily updates on the Thematic Program, providing insights into how these themes contribute to global climate action. Bite-sized information, along with guides to activities, food, and beverages, encourages visitors to delve deeper into the COP experience beyond the main events.

Culmination of the global stocktake

The current edition of COP signifies the culmination of the “global stocktake,” which represents the initial evaluation of worldwide advancements in fulfilling the objectives outlined in the 2015 Paris Agreement. The results are striking: global efforts are falling short in terms of constraining temperature rise to 1.5°C by the close of this century. However, the assessment acknowledges that nations are formulating strategies for achieving a net-zero emissions future, and the transition to clean energy is gaining momentum. Nevertheless, it emphasizes that the pace of this transition remains significantly inadequate to confine warming within the existing ambitious targets.

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction

According to a recent report from UN Climate Change, the combined efforts of national climate action plans, known as nationally determined contributions (NDCs), would result in a modest 2 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions below 2019 levels by 2030. However, scientific consensus indicates that a much more substantial 43 percent reduction is required.

As nations gear up to submit revised national climate action plans by 2025, the global stocktake assumes a crucial role in spurring greater ambition to achieve the objectives outlined in the Paris Agreement. The stocktake outlines actionable steps to expedite emissions reduction, bolster resilience against climate impacts, and secure the necessary support and financing for this transformative endeavor.

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