Dahab Masr, KashNow team up to develop gold investment through digital payments

Ensuring seamless, secure transactions for customers
Dahab Masr, KashNow team up to develop gold investment through digital payments
Part of the signing ceremony. (Supplied)

Dahab Masr, a renowned company that specializes in precious metal investments and utilizes financial technology (FinTech) in the local market, has recently formed a strategic partnership with KashNow, a FinTech solutions company and a prominent player in the financial holding sector. The objective of this collaboration is to introduce a convenient and innovative avenue for investing in and purchasing gold, delivering a unique and exceptional customer experience. The signing ceremony witnessed the presence of Amr Foad, the general manager of Dahab Masr, and Amr Salem, the CEO of KashNow.

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The deal aims to offer comprehensive services to clients of Dahab Masr, enabling them to invest in and buy gold seamlessly through the KashNow application. This collaboration ensures that customers can complete their transactions with utmost ease and security. Moreover, Dahab Masr will provide a diverse range of gold weights for purchase, starting from a quarter gram, thereby granting customers the flexibility to select options that align with their financial capacities. Furthermore, the convenience of home delivery for the purchased gold will be offered as an additional choice.

Prioritizing clients’ needs

Dr. Amr Foad, the general manager of Dahab Masr, stated that “the company is working diligently to facilitate its clients and provide all possible services that enable them to invest their money in gold safely and easily.” He emphasized that “forming partnerships that meet the aspirations of clients is a priority, offering gold investment services through the “KashNow” application is a significant step towards simplifying the financial lives of citizens, reflecting “Dahab Masr’s” commitment to providing exceptional services that contribute to enhancing investment opportunities and increasing financial inclusion.”

Foad expressed his satisfaction with the fruitful collaboration between Dahab Masr and KashNow, emphasizing that it will introduce an innovative and distinctive approach to easily access the gold market. He highlighted the mutual benefits that this partnership brings to all parties involved.

Shared commitment

For his part, Eng. Amr Salem, the CEO of KashNow, mentioned that “the company is dedicated to enhancing financial inclusion and offering innovative financial services, believing in the importance of directing these efforts to support the Egypt’s digital transformation initiatives.”

Salem expressed his deep honor in collaborating with Dahab Masr and emphasized the prominent position held by Dahab Masr within its industry. He underscored the shared commitment to creating a distinctive investment experience for clients of KashNow, providing them with opportunities to invest in and purchase gold. Furthermore, Salem highlighted the convenience of utilizing the KashNow wallet for payments, streamlining the purchasing process and ultimately saving clients time and effort.

Strengthening Egypt’s economy

Furthermore, this partnership represents a significant milestone in strengthening the Egyptian economy, as it opens up new and innovative investment opportunities for citizens. It serves as a testament to the economic progress and enhanced financial inclusion in Egypt, ultimately contributing to an improved quality of life for its citizens by expanding the range of available investment options.

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