Davos 2024 names Jahiz among the top 9 leading global initiatives

Empowering federal government talents with future skills
Davos 2024 names Jahiz among the top 9 leading global initiatives
The WEF selected the best 9 projects in 3 main categories

Davos 2024, the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting, named the UAE government initiative ‘Jahiz’ among the best global projects in its report.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai,  launched Jahiz in November 2022. WEF’s global report titled Building a Resilient Tomorrow presents the best pioneering and inspiring practices for boosting future resilience.

Jahiz is a national digital platform for empowering federal government talents with future skills. It was chosen among more than 1000 public and private sector projects from around the world. The WEF selected the best 9 projects in 3 main categories – climate, energy, and food; supply chains; and organizational readiness.

About the Jahiz initiative

Jahiz focuses on qualifying and empowering government employees with future skills to enhance the UAE government’s readiness for the future. The choice of the initiative takes into account its numerous achievements since it first launched. To date, it has contributed to developing the skills of 50,000 employees from more than 50 government agencies. Moreover, it has given employees more than 800,000 training badges after spending a million training hours enhancing their readiness for future skills. This includes data skills, artificial intelligence, new economy skills, cybersecurity, digital skills, and skills to enhance productivity and accelerate achievement. Jahiz utilizes a method that focuses on enhancing employee productivity and providing them with the necessary skills for the future.

Cooperation and integration

H.E. Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi, minister of State for Government Development and the Future, chairwoman of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, affirmed that selecting Jahiz as one of the best global projects in WEF’s global report is considered a global tribute to the successes that future readiness efforts continue to achieve. Hence, the UAE government is keen to enhance cooperation with the private sector. Jahiz embodies the best models of cooperation and integration between the government and private sectors in the UAE.

She added that the UAE has established partnerships with more than 18 global partners and leading government bodies. That is to provide the best education, expertise, and experiences in specialized fields. The partnerships also aim to build qualitative skills and provide customized educational paths and units that support the goals of Jahiz in enhancing future skills among government employees.

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Building a Resilient Tomorrow report

The Building a Resilient Tomorrow report by the World Economic Forum in Davos highlights the top 9 global inspiring, practical, and impactful projects. These initiatives have successfully impacted efforts to shape the future with projects that prepare society for future resilience.

The report also defines resilience as developing the necessary capabilities to deal with adversity, withstand shocks, and continuously adapt and accelerate as disruptions and crises arise over time.

In addition, the report includes a readiness framework for the public and private sectors that includes 6 main pillars. The first pillar is human capital resilience, for which Jahiz was chosen as a best global practice.

The pillars also include energy, nutrition and water supply; critical infrastructure and security; fiscal resilience; equitable society and political resilience; and trade dependencies and economic resilience.

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