Discovery depicts Dubai’s remarkable journey through Covid-19

GDMO launches a documentary on “the epic”

The Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO), in partnership with Discovery, announced the launch of a documentary titled “Covid-19: Dubai”, chronicling Dubai’s journey in combating the Covid-19 pandemic.

The documentary highlights the emirate’s robust response to the pandemic and its effective health measures, which ultimately enabled the city to contain the spread of the virus and mitigate its impact on the community.

The documentary features conversations with the emirate’s pioneering leadership and heroes from the frontline who went above and beyond their call of duty to protect the health and safety of the community.

The documentary is notable for its content, as it examines Dubai’s success in combating the pandemic from a variety of angles and from multiple perspectives to learn about all aspects of this national epic in which the Dubai community has demonstrated its ability to overcome any challenge, no matter how difficult.

The film also follows home-schooled children who have gone through this journey, highlighting the successful application of distance learning to maintain students’ continuity of learning during the pandemic. It also touches on the impressions of their parents throughout this experience.

The documentary, which features two 45-minute episodes, will be broadcast exclusively on “Discovery” on the 7th and 14th of May.