Dubai Customs welcomes 17.15 mn international visitors in 2023

Streamlining customs procedures and ensuring efficiency at Dubai Airports
Dubai Customs welcomes 17.15 mn international visitors in 2023
Dubai Customs managed an impressive 46,870,957 bags from 206,396 flights in 2023 (Image source: WAM)

Dubai Customs welcomed a record-breaking 17.15 million international visitors in 2023. With a focus on ensuring traveler satisfaction and efficiency in customs procedures, the Passenger Operations Department at Dubai Customs has emerged as a crucial component in the seamless operation of Dubai Airports, one of the world’s busiest aviation hubs.

Record-breaking statistics

Dubai Customs managed an impressive 46.87 million bags from 206,396 flights in 2023, averaging 128,400 bags daily. The department has over 845 inspection officers supported by 77 baggage inspection devices.

Innovative solutions

As part of its forward-thinking approach, the Passenger Operations Department utilises artificial intelligence and modern technologies, such as the iDeclare app, which is compatible with all smart devices. The tool allows arriving passengers to disclose their luggage and personal belongings before their actual arrival. Therefore, it significantly reduces customs processing time through the red channel to less than 4 minutes.

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High-traffic periods

Khaled Ahmed, senior manager of Airport Terminal 1 at the department, highlighted Dubai Customs’ preparations to expedite procedures for travelers during peak seasons at Dubai International Airport. With significant influxes of visitors during the Hajj season, holidays, winter, and New Year’s celebrations, the department has implemented an action plan to ensure efficiency and quality in customs services. Daily meetings and coordination with strategic partners, including Dubai Airports, Emirates Airlines, and other carriers, are integral to this plan. Additionally, increasing the number of inspectors during busy periods further enhances the department’s ability to manage the flow of travelers effectively.

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