Dubai govt turns paperless, saves money and environment

Dubai saves AED1,3B and 14M working hours with new policy
Dubai govt turns paperless, saves money and environment

Dubai has achieved yet another milestone announcing that its local government has become the world’s first to turn into a completely paperless government, as per the emirate’s Crown Prince and Chairman of Dubai’s Executive Council, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum.

The step comes nearly three years after Dubai had launched its ‘Dubai Paperless Strategy’.

According to the strategy that has been implemented through five phases, no employee or customer at the government level, will need to print any paper after 2021, as internal and external government operations are now managed through comprehensive digital government service platforms.

The success of Dubai’s government in automating its work and services to customers and moving towards a paperless future, saves the use of “more than 336 million papers printed to complete transactions. It also saves more than 1.3 billion dirhams, in addition to cutting back on 14 million hours across government departments spent on printing those papers,” said to Hamad Al Mansouri, Director General of the Dubai Digital Authority.

The advanced step is expected to contribute not only to reducing expenses and waste resulting from printing hundreds of millions of papers and saving millions of working hours across government platforms to print these papers, but also protecting nature by saving 130,000 trees, which supports Dubai’s shift towards a more sustainable future.

“Today we celebrate the last paper used in our government transactions, and our next step is to achieve a full digital life,” Sheikh Hamdan told reporters.

He added that the next stage focuses on formulating advanced mechanisms towards a digital era in the emirate over the next 50 years.

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