Dubai launches $300 million merit scholarship program for Emirati students

Hamdan bin Mohammed Academic Scholarship Program paves the way for future leaders
Dubai launches $300 million merit scholarship program for Emirati students
Aspiring students can apply for the scholarship through the DubaiNow platform

In line with its previous announcement, Dubai Social Agenda 33, Dubai has recently introduced a new merit scholarship program for Emirati school graduates. H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai launched this program to support higher education in Dubai.

The Hamdan bin Mohammed Academic Scholarship Program is a landmark initiative that supports exceptional Emirati graduates from public and private schools in Dubai. The scholarship allocated $300 million (AED1.1 billion) to support the higher education of meritorious Emiratis graduating from Dubai’s schools. Moreover, it is set to fund 100 students annually, offering them an opportunity to excel in their academic journey.

Application process

Starting April 2024, aspiring students can apply for the scholarship through the DubaiNow platform, powered by the Dubai Digital Authority, using the ‘Emarati’ icon. Besides, the selection criteria will follow the terms and conditions the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) sets. Moreover, the application window will align with the announcement of high school results, accommodating different curricula timeframes.

Dubai Social Agenda 33

The scholarship program aligns seamlessly with the Dubai Social Agenda 33. The program will support Dubai’s high-achieving Emirati students by providing them with opportunities for higher education at renowned academic institutions.

Hence, the primary objective of the Hamdan bin Mohammed Academic Scholarship Program is to empower Dubai’s human capital by nurturing top-performing students. The initiative contributes to building a knowledgeable society and cultivating a workforce equipped with advanced skills. Therefore, it ensures that Dubai remains at the forefront of global development.

Investing in Emiratis

“Investing in Emiratis’ higher education and equipping our youth with knowledge is fundamental for building and sustaining a knowledgeable society,” H.H. Sheikh Hamdan stated. “This initiative recognizes students pursuing academic achievements and personal aspirations, helping them achieve their goals,” he added.

In addition to supporting local education, the program aims to provide Dubai’s students with scholarships for specialized studies at prestigious international universities. This strategic move aligns with the needs of Dubai’s economy, contributing to the emirate’s future development across various sectors.

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Future vision

The Hamdan bin Mohammed Academic Scholarship Programme aligns with the Dubai Social Agenda 33’s strategic objectives. It aspires to position Dubai among the top 10 cities globally in terms of education quality by 2033. Additionally, the program seeks to increase the number of citizens working in the private sector, fostering economic participation.

Combining financial support with a strategic vision, the scholarship program is designed to nurture talents, celebrate innovators, and cultivate exceptional leaders. It marks a significant step toward building students’ leadership skills and enhancing the knowledge ecosystem in Dubai. The initiative stands as a beacon for the future, empowering the next generation of leaders in Dubai.

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