Dubai traffic fines that can get you in a jam in 2024

It is important to understand Dubai traffic regulations to avoid penalties and fines
Dubai traffic fines that can get you in a jam in 2024

For the most part, driving in Dubai can be a pleasant experience. The roads are generally safe because the city has strict traffic rules and regulations that are rigorously enforced to ensure public safety. People who break the rules not only have to pay Dubai traffic fines but may also be subject to imprisonment or even deportation.

The Dubai Police are in charge of enforcing these regulations. Understanding Dubai traffic fines is important to avoid hefty fines and penalties.

List of common Dubai traffic violations & fines

No Description Fine Amount Black Points Vehicle Confiscation Period
1 Driving in a way that poses a danger to the driver’s life; or lives, and safety of others AED 2000 23 60 days
2 Driving in a way that harms public or private properties AED 2000 23 60 days
3 Driving under the influence of alcohol By court 23 60 days
4 Driving under the influence of narcotic, psychotropic, or similar substances By court 60 days
5 Driving a vehicle without number plates AED 3000 23 90 days
6 Driving against traffic AED 600 4 7 days
7 Entry from a prohibited place AED 1000 8 7 days
8 Driving a noisy vehicle AED 2000 12
9 Driving a vehicle that causes pollution AED 1000 6
10 Driving a vehicle without insurance AED 500 4 7 days
11 Driving an unlicensed vehicle AED 500 4 7 days
12 Driving with a driving license issued by a foreign country except in permitted cases AED 1000 4
13 Driving a vehicle on a different license AED 400 12
14 Driving a vehicle with an expired driving license AED 500 4 7 days
15 Driving a vehicle with an expired registration AED 500 4 7 days
16 Driving a vehicle that does not comply with safety and security standards AED 500
17 Sudden swerving AED 1000 4
18 Reversing dangerously AED 500 4
19 Using a hand-held mobile phone while driving AED 800 4
20 Jumping a red signal by light vehicles AED 1000 12 30 days

Common traffic violations

A traffic fine is a notice issued by Dubai Police officers to a motorist or other road user. This notice shows that a person has violated traffic laws. In general, the following are some of the major Dubai traffic violations you should be aware of:

  • Jumping the signal or beating the red light
  • Parking in non-designated areas
  • Not wearing a seatbelt
  • Sudden swerving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Driving without a valid vehicle registration
  • Over speeding
  • Running away from the police to avoid Dubai traffic fines
  • Running away from the site incident
  • Using a mobile phone while driving

Dubai traffic rules

The strict implementation of Dubai’s traffic regulations has greatly benefitted the commuting public by reducing the number of accidents and prioritizing public safety. The strict implementation of traffic rules has also encouraged road discipline and responsible road behavior.

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Traffic points system

Dubai has a special Black Points System that allows the government to monitor people’s traffic law violations. If you break specific rules while driving in Dubai, the Dubai Police will add black points to your traffic file. Each offense has a different set of points based on its severity and could lead to your license being suspended or, worse revoked. Your driving history, and accumulated black points, will also be known to car insurance providers and could likely impact your insurance premiums.

Once new points are added to your traffic file, you receive a text message. You can monitor your traffic file and points through the Dubai Police website. You can check your traffic file through your car’s plate details, license details, ticket details, and T.C. number.

Traffic fine notifications

You usually receive notifications on Dubai traffic fines via SMS. However, there are various ways to check if you have traffic fines:

  • To check if you have pending Dubai traffic fines, check the ‘Fines Inquiry and Payment’ tab of the Dubai Police website.
  • Mobile app. The RTA Dubai mobile app allows you to check on your smartphone if you have pending Dubai traffic fines using your vehicle’s license plate number.
  • You can send an SMS to 60050000 with your vehicle’s license plate number to receive a reply about any possible fines.
  • Police Stations. You can visit a police station to check your fine status.

Paying Dubai traffic fines

There are various ways to pay your Dubai traffic fines. These are the common ways to settle your Dubai traffic violations:

  • Online payment. You can visit the Dubai Police website or RTA website to pay for your Dubai traffic fine. They accept debit or credit card payments.
  • Bank payment. Major banks in Dubai offer facilities for people to settle their Dubai traffic fines.
  • RTA Payment Center. If you prefer to settle payment in person, you can settle the payment at the nearest RTA Payment Center.

Discounts and settlements

Starting April 1, 2023, motorists can get a 35 percent discount if they settle their Dubai traffic fine within 60 days of the traffic violation. If the fine is paid after 60 days and within a year, motorists can get a 25 percent discount. Moreover, Dubai traffic fines can be paid through a 0% interest easy payment plan. In addition, select banks in Dubai offer 0 percent interest for payments made within 3 to 6 months. If you do not commit any traffic violations and have no pending Dubai traffic fines, you may be awarded White Points. You can get 2 White Points every month, which can be used in exchange for the Black Points you may have accumulated. This system is helpful because it may cancel your driver’s license suspension if you collect many Black Points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to contest a Dubai traffic fine?

  • Yes, you may dispute a traffic fine in Dubai by:
  • Visiting the General Directorate of Traffic headquarters to file a complaint.
  • Calling +971-4-606-3555 and make a complaint. However, you still need to submit the proof in person or online.
  • Opting for online options via the Dubai Police website, the official RTA Website, or the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website.

Can I leave the UAE without paying traffic fines?

  • It is very likely that your traffic fines will be reflected in your Emirates ID aside from your driving license. Not paying your traffic fines when leaving the country for good can result in major inconveniences at the airport, so make sure you settle all your traffic fines before leaving the UAE permanently. 

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