Dubai’s Sama L Ain art gallery opens its doors for art lovers

Sama L Ain houses unique contemporary and abstract art pieces
Dubai’s Sama L Ain art gallery opens its doors for art lovers
Art gallery

On Jan 15th, 2022, Dubai witnessed the opening of a spectacular and unique art gallery “Sama L Ain Gallery,” an exclusive showroom of outstanding modern art pieces.”

Art has a home


Located in the heart of Dubai Marina, Sama L Ain is home to an impressive collection of contemporary and abstract art pieces.

It features Modernist and Contemporary artistic custom pieces, reflecting the unique creative spirit of the artists while projecting their unique voices and stories.

The opening highlighted the fine works of renowned talents including Brigitte Nataf, Fano, Lirone, Emmanuelle Rybojad, and NAHO.

The opening


The official opening was held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mane Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Bin Mane Al Maktoum.

It also attracted the attention of many VIPs, famous celebrities, artists, media, and social media influencers.

Samuel Zekri, Founding Partner, commented: “The pieces represent the work of numerous renowned artists and it also serves as a bridge between artists and art collectors.”

It is a must to put “Sama L Ain Gallery “ on your next art visit where it will leave you feeling mesmerized and give you, as art lovers, the chance to acquire carefully curated art pieces.

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