Etisalat by e& achieves unprecedented global 5G download speeds at GITEX 2023

Advancing connections, embracing cutting-egge 5G technology
Etisalat by e& achieves unprecedented global 5G download speeds at GITEX 2023
The newly introduced technology embraces an autonomous 5G network

Khalid Murshed, chief technology & information officer at Etisalat by e&, emphasized the significance of participating in GITEX Global 2023 as an opportunity to cultivate strategic relationships, interact with customers and partners, and further solidify from e&’s position as a frontrunner among global technological innovators.

 Murshed further emphasized that participation in GITEX Global 2023 reaffirms e&’s commitment to delivering exceptional services and solutions to its customers. This commitment aligns with the era of technological advancements and aims to surpass customer expectations.

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Embracing cutting-edge technologies

He emphasized the deployment of state-of-the-art tech innovations to introduce the telecommunications industry’s pioneering AI-powered self-store. The primary objective was to achieve unparalleled global data download speeds through 5G technology, alongside the successful launch of the first commercially autonomous 5G network for mobile users in the UAE.

Strategic transition

Through this strategic transition, connections elevate from e& to an advanced stage of 5G utilization. The new technology embraces an independent 5G network, moving away from the reliance on 5G radio access through 4G LTE.

By implementing this measure, people’s experiences are enhanced through superior communication speeds, improved device battery efficiency, and elevated levels of voice and visual connectivity across the network. These advancements contribute to a higher level and quality of connectivity, providing users with a superior overall experience.

Murshed announced the launch of the Azure OpenAI artificial intelligence service in partnership with Microsoft at GITEX. This collaboration introduces a new virtual assistant with limitless and efficient capabilities, such as answering inquiries, managing appointments, and controlling smart home devices, among others.

5G RedCap technology

He emphasized that in collaboration with Huawei, visitors to the pavilion would have access to the 5G RedCap technology offerings. This advanced technology supports the digital transformation of services and businesses across various use cases by enabling high-capacity data transmission with low latency. Additionally, it improves hardware battery efficiency. The pavilion showcases one of the applications of this technology, featuring a three-dimensional hologram that showcases its relevance in the media sector.

At GITEX 2023, visitors have the exclusive opportunity to witness Etisalat from e&’s commitment to sustainability in infrastructure and networks. This is showcased through a technical presentation on the utilization of refrigeration liquids in Internet server cooling technology within data centers, developed in collaboration with Iceotope.

He stressed that this technology plays a significant role in reducing energy consumption in data centers by up to 40 percent, aligning with the company’s commitment to achieving climate neutrality in its operations in the UAE by 2030. Additionally, this innovative technology extends the lifespan of servers and reduces maintenance costs within data centers by up to 30 percent.

Qualitative experiences

Furthermore, Murshed highlighted the pavilion’s captivating showcase of qualitative and distinct experiences for visitors, including the “3D naked eye” experience. This immersive media encounter leverages devices and sensors to create a remarkable 3D effect. Additionally, the pavilion demonstrates the capabilities of modern networks in supporting real-time extended reality multimedia solutions (RXRM). This includes 3D panoramic video capture and the display of virtual reality (VR) devices for applications in industrial communications and commercial sectors.

He expressed his pride in Etisalat from e& for its consistent track record of embracing advanced and sophisticated technologies. The company is particularly focused on technologies that deliver significant value-added benefits and substantially enhance the user experience. Notably, Etisalat from e& was among the pioneers worldwide in adopting 5G technology.

Moreover, Murshed recognized the notable contribution of Etisalat from e& in achieving an impressive 99.85 percent home-connected fiber optics coverage. This achievement has consistently positioned them at the forefront of the global home-connected fiber optic network access (FTTH) since 2016, as reported by the World Council for Home-Connected Fiber Optic.

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