e& launches region’s first metaverse platform

Offers multiple, immersive zones
e& launches region’s first metaverse platform
New platform accelerates e&'s metaverse strategy

UAE-based technology group e& announced it has launched the region’s first metaverse platform, “e& universe”.

The platform was launched in line with the UAE’s metaverse strategy to position itself as a leader in emerging technologies. The concept made its debut at GITEX last year.

Immersive experience

Khaled Elkhouly, chief consumer officer, etisalat by e&, said: “We are thrilled to bring our revolutionary metaverse, a virtual realm that transcends imagination and brings together various zones of boundless possibilities.”

According to Elkhouly, the groundbreaking platform will reshape the way people interact, explore and create in the metaverse. “We want to welcome all our customers to a future of interconnected realities as we push the boundaries of digital innovation empowering them to create unforgettable experiences in an ever-evolving metaverse.”

Developed in partnership with HTC’s VIVERSE technology, e& universe serves as a central hub that seamlessly connects users. It provides easy navigation throughout the metaverse.

Joseph Lin, general manager, VIVERSE, described it as “revolutionizing immersive social experiences, taking them to unprecedented heights.”

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Metaverse platform unleashed

Collaborating with Samsung, e& universe hosted the first Unpacked event in the metaverse for the new Galaxy series this week.

It enabled users to pre-order their favorite Galaxy devices in the metaverse with preferential offers for Samsung’s latest device. Users interacted and socialized in the metaverse, exploring various zones within the e& universe platform.

In addition, users were able to virtually access Arcadia Planitia, a place on Mars considered to be the most suitable for future life. The zone pays homage to the UAE’s national space strategy and the success of the Hope Probe mission.

Dynamic virtual zones

The e& universe metaverse platform invites users into a vibrant and dynamic digital realm, offering a multitude of exciting areas to explore. These include the e& universe Virtual Home, e& universe Shop and e& universe Arena & Stadium.

Moreover, users can purchase digital assets and NFTs on the platform. These include eye-catching images and exquisite paintings that have been converted into NFTs. It is a treasure trove of digital assets and collectibles, allowing users to enhance their virtual experiences within the platform.

Virtual events and entertainment

Furthermore, users can also dive into digital versions of real-world events through the e& universe Arena & Stadium zones.

Through the Arena Zone, for example, users can access virtual concerts and live performances. It allows platform users to indulge in the dynamic music and entertainment world within a stunning setting.

Meanwhile, the Stadium Zone allows users to enjoy their favorite sports matches, virtually capturing the thrill and energy of any match in a digital environment.

Metaverse for business

The e& universe metaverse platform opens up exciting possibilities for businesses as well. They can host industry conferences to showcase innovative offerings. It also offers a dynamic platform for businesses to engage with their audience and create immersive experiences that transcend physical boundaries.

With the launch of e& universe, e& is in a position to shape the future of the metaverse for users throughout the region.

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