Egypt’s first virtual hospital brings healthcare to remote regions

Center will serve Bedouin communities in South Sinai
Egypt’s first virtual hospital brings healthcare to remote regions
Medicine doctor touching electronic medical record on tablet

Egypt launched its first virtual hospital linked to mobile clinics. The healthcare center will serve Bedouin communities and cover all healthcare needs in South Sinai Governorate, the fourth governorate to implement the new comprehensive health-insurance system.

The country’s healthcare authority said that the advanced model will be expanded to serve comprehensive health insurance beneficiaries in remote and border areas.

The establishment of the virtual hospital comes in the context of South Sinai being the sixth governorate in terms of area at Egypt’s level, with an area of approximately 33,140 thousand square kilometers, in addition to being a desert environment in which it is difficult to move easily, and where the places for providing medical services are scattered. The governorate also suffers from a shortage of manpower and a scarcity of some medical specialties.

The virtual hospital ensures that all of South Sinai’s health-care needs are met, particularly in remote areas. The center is based on a set of virtual integrated health-care services, such as the operation of medical convoys and mobile clinics and their electronic connection to the virtual hospital, which includes a selection of consultant doctors in various specialties in addition to a medical staff that is qualified at the highest level. 

Furthermore, the virtual hospital offers smart diagnostic services (labs/radiology) by utilizing highly experienced consultants to evaluate laboratory and radiology results from a distance, as well as utilizing AI in laboratory and radiology diagnostic services for the proper treatment of pathological conditions.

Also, the hospital connects the authority’s health facilities in South Sinai through an electronic network. It also links them to comprehensive health insurance hospitals outside the governorate, which allows communication with consultant doctors in the hospital or outside, as well as communication with foreign experts and specialists.