Faster Internet speeds for du users as new tech rolls out

Enhanced metaverse, gaming and other virtual experiences
Faster Internet speeds for du users as new tech rolls out
The UAE ranked first globally for mobile Internet speed

Internet speeds will now be three times faster for du users in the UAE, as the telecoms carrier rolled out multi-carrier aggregation technologies recently.

The latest du innovation involves aggregating three carriers of 100 MHz each within C-Band and 2.6 GHz band, du said. The move will further enhance du’s capabilities to deliver data speeds, ensuring du users experience faster Internet speeds than before.

Roll-out phases

The focal point of the multi-carrier aggregation was du’s home wireless services. This service was introduced to the UAE market in 2021. The next phase of deployment for du’s multi-carrier aggregation strategy is the wireless home broadband service. This can support advanced uses requiring high bandwidth and low latency such as artificial intelligence (AI) and 8K video streaming. This capacity can also provide a seamless experience in the metaverse and UHD cloud gaming.

“We anticipate that in the near future, average bandwidth demands of users will increase multi-folds. Multi-carrier aggregation is a proven way to enhance the peak and average throughputs of wireless networks and thus we embarked on this journey,” said Saleem Al Blooshi, chief technology officer of du.

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du Internet innovations

The roll out of the multi-carrier aggregation technologies is the latest innovation from du. It will be recalled it was the first operator in the UAE to introduce 4G-based home wireless services. It was also the first to introduce 5G-based home wireless services.

With this deployment, du will also soon offer 3CC-enabled advanced 5G home wireless services. This can support futuristic use cases such as AI, metaverse, Extended Reality (XR) gaming and meetings. These are expected to become widespread within the next 12 months.

At the forefront of the Internet race

Last month, the latest Speedtest Global Index report showed UAE as first globally in mobile internet speed for the month of June. The UAE’s download speed of 204.24 Mbps and an upload speed of 22.72 Mbps, was the fastest in the world. Ookla, a web service that provides analysis of Internet access performance metrics, conducted the research.

According to the index, the UAE topped the global rankings on all months of the first half of the year. The only exception was in April, when in ranked second.

In terms of fixed broadband speed, the UAE ranked second globally and first regionally among Arab countries in June, with a download speed of 239.2 Mbps. Singapore topped the list with a speed of 247.29 Mbps.

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