Global Tech Startups Seek Funding Blitz

Record number of Indian entrepreneurs meet in Dubai
Global Tech Startups Seek Funding Blitz
Pioneering startups will showcase their products and solutions to attract investors

An impressive array of pioneers from the world’s third-largest tech startup ecosystem are meeting in Dubai. They aim to attract investors and establish global customer connections for their expansion efforts.

Dubai will be hosting the world’s largest startup event with the greatest showcase of Indian startups ever witnessed outside the South Asian nation.

Hosted by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, Expand North Star 2023 event will take place in the new Dubai Harbor venue from 15 to 18 October.

In addition, over 1,800 startups from more than 100 countries are participating. Among them are 200 pioneering Indian companies that have selected Dubai as their starting point for global expansion.

Sustainable Agri-technology

Noval Sustainability is  one of the most innovative startups to participate in the event. It is introducing DE-Carbon, an animal feed protein derived from waste materials. According to founder Siva Sanker,  DE-Carbon will significantly decrease the environmental impact of the carbon-heavy feed and meat industries.

“We will showcase the tech behind recovering protein from waste,” said Sankar. He will show how Noval Sustainability’s process decarbonizes one of the world’s greatest and most-polluting industries.

In an effort to decrease food waste, Sankar said, “The world wastes more than 30 percent of the food that is produced. We are bridging the gap with a solution.”

Deep tech immersive gaming

The gaming market has seen significant growth, especially with the introduction of revolutionary AI and deep tech.

As the popularity of deep tech gaming platforms rises, startups like Tuttifrutti Interactive are launching games that incorporate Unreal 5 Nanite technology.

One of the award-winning games they launched is Sophia’s Adventures. It will redefine the female gaming market, propelling the company to new heights.

“Tuttifrutti will grow a minimum four times by 2025. We’ll scale-up over 165 times by 2028, targeting revenues of $80 million,” said Ajish Habib, CEO of Tuttifrutti Interactive.

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Cross-border economic ties to accelerate growth

Meanwhile, as part of its effort to give startups a platform, Expand North Star will present key Indian unicorn founders who will uncover the path to global growth and success.  Moreover, the event will mentor, advise, and share visions for India’s booming start-up ecosystem for 2023 and beyond.

India’s participation in the event has increased to nearly double that of the previous year. Therefore, this increase comes in light of the UAE and India’s effort to amplify bilateral trade and investment opportunities.

As part of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, the UAE and India have set an ambitious goal of doubling the value of non-oil trade between 2023 and 2030. The aim is to reach a substantial $100 billion in non-oil trade.

Dubai Chambers reports that 30 percent of the startups in the emirate are owned by Indians. Additionally, an impressive 83,000 Indian companies are now officially registered in Dubai. Furthermore, Indian companies and non-resident Indian-owned entities have collectively contributed to the creation of over one million jobs in the UAE.

Expand North Star 2023 will build upon these accomplishments and bring together over 1,000 tech investors and Venture Capitalists from 70 different countries, collectively possessing a capital pool of US$1 trillion.

This gathering aims to provide inspiration and facilitate the growth of the most coveted startups on a global scale.

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