Hamad International Airport experiences record-breaking growth

A 33.5 percent surge in passenger traffic during the first half of the year
Hamad International Airport experiences record-breaking growth
Hamad International Airport

Qatar’s Hamad International Airport has achieved a remarkable 33.5 percent surge in passenger traffic during the first half of the year. The airport also exhibited 18.1 percent growth in aircraft movements. 

The numbers

A total of 20.78 million flyers have travelled through Hamad International Airport during the first half of this year. 10.32 million passengers were recorded in the first quarter of the year, and 10.46 million were registered in the second quarter. In the second quarter of the year, passenger traffic has increased 24 percent from the same period last year. 

116,296 aircrafts were reported to arrive and depart from the airport in H1 of 2023. As for cargo, the airport has already handled 1.12 million tons of cargo, moving 17.6 million bags, and transferring around 11.38 million bags through its facility. In the second quarter of the year, Hamad International Airport connected passengers and cargo with a total of 194 destinations. 

HIA’s Chief Operating Officer Engineer Badr Mohammad Al Meer commented, “We are pleased to witness a surge in passenger traffic during the first half of this year. Our unwavering focus on enhancing our operations and investing in growth strategies has allowed us to augment our airport infrastructure and expand our product offerings. With these advancements, we aim to fortify our competitive position in the aviation industry and continue to exceed expectations.”

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The latest 

Passengers are able to experience ease in their travels, due to the airport’s latest screening equipment. Security in the airport allows for transferring passengers to keep their electronic devices and liquid containers in their hand luggage. The airport’s average processing time for transferring passengers at security check points was around 28 seconds per passenger. 

The uptick in passengers and air traffic follows last year’s facility expansion. The airport upgraded to cutting-edge technology, and introduced new leisure offerings, such as the ORCHARD. The ORCHARD is a tropical garden situated in the north of the airport. 

The airport also recently opened a Louis Vuitton Lounge that leaves a lasting travel experience with passengers. The lounge offers retail shopping and dining. With a strong emphasis on passenger satisfaction, HIA is poised to attract even more travelers as the global travel landscape evolves.

HIA is currently undergoing the second phase of expansion. Once complete, the airport should be able to cater to 70 million passengers annually. According to a recent projection by IATA, passenger numbers in the Middle East are expected to double by 2040. 

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