How to register your product in Dubai

The certificate will be valid for five years
How to register your product in Dubai
It’s a legal mandate to register your product in Dubai with Dubai Municipality

In 2023, the Dubai Municipality registered more than 1.5 million food products alone. The municipality is responsible for ensuring that all products meet health and safety standards before they enter the Dubai market. Whether the products you’re about to sell are manufactured in the city or imported, you need to register them with the said authority. Here’s how to register your product in Dubai.

Why register your product in Dubai?

In Dubai, a leading business hub in the Middle East, product registration is mandatory for businesses aspiring to import, manufacture or market their products in the emirate. The goal is to protect consumer safety while preventing counterfeit or potentially hazardous products from circulating in the market.

The Dubai Municipality mandates registration for various products, including:

  • Food
  • Pet animal food 
  • Health supplements
  • Cosmetics
  • Detergents and disinfectants

If you’re operating a business in Dubai, registering your products reinforces your image and helps you earn consumers’ trust. It shows that the Municipality vets for the safety and quality of what you sell. More than just a sign of compliance, it highlights your commitment to safeguarding your buyers; health and safety.

How to register your product in Dubai

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The Dubai Municipality issues certificates for products duly registered with them. The certificates you’ll get are valid for five years. But how do you register your products with them? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Make sure you have a trade license

First, you must secure a valid trade license depending on where your business is based (e.g., on the mainland or within a free zone). You must identify your business activity correctly. Once you’re duly permitted to operate your business, register an account with the Dubai Municipality website. 

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Step 2: Fill out the online form and prepare the required documents

Fill out an online application form. For cosmetic, detergent, disinfectant and health supplement product registration, visit the Montaji portal; ZAD portal for all food product registration. 

Note that you must register each product variant separately as the required documentation varies. For instance, you need to submit product images and labels, which must contain essential information like usage instructions and safety warnings. There are also additional requirements for some products, such as ingredient reports, certificates of analysis, and, if applicable, Halal and organic certificates.

The key here is to check the specific guidelines needed for the product variant you want to register. 

Step 3: Wait for the results of the review

Typically, the review period spans 22 working days. Upon successful review, you will receive an electronic certificate valid for five years, confirming your product’s compliance with local standards.

Post-registration, you must regularly monitor your products and continuously adhere to safety and quality standards. Then, you must renew your product registration certificates as required. You must also coordinate with the Dubai Municipality and report any product modifications.

Frequently asked questions

Who oversees the product registration in Dubai?

The Dubai Municipality facilitates the product registration process, including the review of products and issuance of certificates.

What products need to be registered in Dubai?

Mandatory product registration in Dubai applies to a variety of products, including food, pet animal food, health supplements, cosmetics, detergents and disinfectants. 

Why is it necessary to register my products in Dubai?

Registering your product in Dubai is a legal requirement. It’s crucial for ensuring consumer safety and preventing the sale of counterfeit or hazardous products.

How long does the review process take?

The review process typically takes 22 working days.

How long is the certificate valid?

Your product certificate is valid for five years. You must renew it periodically for continued compliance with Dubai’s regulations and standards.

Final thoughts

Knowing how to register your product in Dubai goes a long way. It’s not just about complying with the law. It also enhances your business’ reputation, demonstrating your commitment to marketing products that are safe and of high quality. Furthermore, it opens the door to a thriving market in Dubai, allowing your business to benefit from the trust and confidence of consumers in one of the world’s most dynamic commercial hubs. 

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