Increasing diversity of nationalities investing in UAE property

Expatriates experience a strong sense of home and comfort
Increasing diversity of nationalities investing in UAE property
Arash Jalili, CEO and founder of Unique Properties

The UAE has a rich culture and diverse population, with nationalities from over 200 countries calling it home. The country’s current population is now at 10.08 million, almost a 1% increase from 2021, and according to the Global Media Insight, it is expected to reach 10.71 million people by 2033. The population breakdown includes 20% Emiratis and 80% consisting of expatriates making up 8.92 million people within the country.

Other nationalities that make up the expatriate population in the UAE include India, Pakistan, Philippines, Iran, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and China among many others. A large number of benefits attract expatriates to the country, including investment opportunities, professional job opportunities,  culture, safety, top-tier schools in the area, and overall lifestyle.

While the UAE maintains its Arab and Islamic tradition and culture, it shines as an inclusive country to live in with a vast amount of opportunities and prospects for all. The country has shaped itself to provide niche communities for everyone that chooses Dubai as their home. This provides expatriates with a strong sense of home and comfort while also providing them with a good array of restaurants, shops, and cafes that resemble a warm community feeling.

For example, a family choosing to settle here may decide on Bur Dubai as their home as it provides them with access to a plethora of restaurants that are similar to home, a nearby metro station, and a lively area that is always constantly bustling and busy. Another example of community adoption is Ravi, a restaurant that first opened in 1978 in Karama and has gained love and admiration over the years from the community for its authentic Pakistani cuisine. It has grown so much in popularity that it can now be found through various delivery applications and has most recently collaborated with Adidas on a very innovative campaign to create a pair of sneakers.

Expatriates that choose to move here from North America to pursue job opportunities on their own may choose an area such as Marina or Downtown, as buildings in those areas have studios and one-bedroom apartments that can accommodate their needs. These locations also have plenty of nearby supermarkets, cafes, and an accessible metro station, providing easy routes to offices in the downtown area, Jumeirah Lake Towers, and the Marina itself. There is quick access to the highway, surrounding malls, Palm Jumeirah, restaurants, and a buzzing nightlife. They may choose to rent their apartments, before ultimately buying them if they choose to put roots down in the country and decide to settle here long term.

It is always important to come to the country and gain an understanding of where you would like to live, taking into account traffic patterns, proximity to work and public transportation, nightlife, and family-friendly areas to ensure you find the right home in this vibrant and energetic city that is forever growing.