India to connect with Gulf countries via $5 bn LNG pipeline

Asian country also planning to link its power grid with UAE, Saudi
India to connect with Gulf countries via $5 bn LNG pipeline

South Asia Gas Enterprise (SAGE), a consortium of companies specializing in deepwater pipeline projects, is planning to develop a $5 billion undersea liquefied natural gas (LNG) pipeline from the Gulf to India.

SAGE has reached out to India’s Ministry of Petroleum for support in developing the pipeline, which will connect the Middle East and India via Oman and UAE through the Arabian Sea.

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The pipeline will allow import from Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Qatar, which collectively hold 2,500 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves.

SAGE director Subodh Kumar Jain confirmed the project’s technical and financial feasibility and is now seeking diplomatic support to move it forward.

The proposed 2,000-kilometer energy corridor is expected to save India approximately Rs 70 billion ($849.60 million) annually.

Moreover, the proposed undersea LNG pipeline project by SAGE is a significant step towards enhancing India and the Gulf’s energy security and promoting regional economic integration. It showcases India and Gulf’s commitment to cleaner energy alternatives and strategic vision for a sustainable future.

In a related development, India revealed last month its plans to link its power grid with the UAE and Saudi Arabia through undersea cables.

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