Invest in Oman: $3.8 bn opportunities across key sectors

Including IT, tourism, food security, and mining projects
Invest in Oman: $3.8 bn opportunities across key sectors
Oman's OIA connects investors with lucrative opportunities

The Oman Investment Authority (OIA) has announced the availability of 36 investment opportunities worth 1.5 billion Omani riyals ($3.8 billion) in the Invest Oman Lounge, across various sectors including technology, utilities, tourism, fisheries, food security, mining, and health.

The announcement is the fruition of government directives to boost investments via the Invest Oman Lounge and to help resolve challenges.

The initiative is poised to create jobs and foster diversification in Oman’s economy, positioning the country to capitalize on emerging opportunities in key sectors.

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According to Hisham Ahmed al Sheedi, Director General of Economic Diversification at OIA, specialists at the lounge will explain the investment opportunities to investors and connect them with the OIA team to take the necessary steps towards reaching an agreement, with additional investments to be added based on viability studies. 

The investment list also includes OIA’s exit from certain investments that delivered positive results.

In recent news, Oman disclosed its plan to offer three oil and gas concession areas for investment to both local and international companies. Furthermore, the country’s flagship Duqm refinery, the largest project in the refining and petrochemical industries sector, has commenced operations of its crude oil distillation unit, signaling its operational readiness for all refinery units. Designed with a hydrocracking unit and a petroleum coke unit, the refinery can process up to 230,000 barrels of crude oil daily.

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