Juma Al Majid Est launches the Hyundai Sonata AI Smart Taxi

Strategic partnership entered with Streamax Tech, GBS solutions
Juma Al Majid Est launches the Hyundai Sonata AI Smart Taxi
Hyundai agreement

Juma Al Majid Est., the exclusive distributor of Hyundai cars in the UAE, announced the launch of the Hyundai Sonata AI Smart Taxi in strategic partnership with Streamax Technology and GBS Solutions.

An MoU signed between Suliman AlZaben – Director Hyundai UAE, Samer H. Alish, – Regional Sales Director for Streamax Technology and Basil Assaf – CIO at GBS Solutions on 6th February, stated that Streamax Technology and GBS Solutions will be exclusive partners, providing Juma Al Majid Est. with smart mobility through their Artificial Intelligence solutions and technical support.

The newly launched Hyundai Sonata AI Smart Taxi comes with an integrated streaming technology that aims to improve safety, operation, and customer experience.

The AI cameras installed within the car detect various aspects such as the driver’s fatigue, response time, and other factors to ensure the safety of the occupants.

The AI technology also ensures every passenger ride is captured in the system. The AI integrated cameras detect and alert the concerned, on any forgotten belongings of the customer in the taxi when the trip is concluded, ensuring peace of mind for riders.

Suliman AlZaben, Director of Hyundai – UAE, said: “This is a major milestone on our journey to advance the future of mobility, eventually creating a happier community.”