Kuwait Airways witnesses 30 percent increase in revenues

Flight departures increased 33 percent, indicating a higher level of operational efficiency.
Kuwait Airways witnesses 30 percent increase in revenues
Kuwait Airways exhibits growth in the first half of the year

Kuwait Airways has achieved remarkable growth in the first half of 2023, especially compared to the first half of 2022. The airlines experienced significant increases in revenues, with a 30 percent growth rate. The carrier also managed to reduce its debt by an impressive 39 percent. 

Terminal 4 saw a remarkable surge in passenger traffic, with a substantial 45 percent growth. The aircraft utilization rate also improved by 34 percent. Moreover, the percentage of flight departures increased to 33 percent. This statistic indicates increased operational efficiency.

A successful year thus far

One crucial aspect of the company’s performance is its On Time Performance (OTP), which reached an impressive 81 percent. This statistic is an indicator of the level of customer satisfaction, as Kuwait Airways has been successful in ensuring timely flight departures and arrivals.

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As for customer loyalty, the airlines’ Oasis Club witnessed a considerable boost with 115,000 new members since the start of the year. Notably, 65% of passengers redeemed their Oasis points for tickets, indicating a growing preference for Kuwait Airways’ services among frequent flyers.

Looking forward

Captain Ali Muhammad Al-Dukhan, Chairman of Kuwait Airways, expressed his satisfaction with the company’s achievements during the first half of 2023. He stated, “We are pleased to highlight the most prominent results of the first half of the year 2023, as Kuwait Airways, with the help of its dedicated employees, has achieved its goals within its strategic plans and vision emanating from the Board of Directors of the company, which extends to the year 2030, to develop and improve its entire system.”

Al-Dukhan also highlighted Kuwait Airways’ emphasis on embracing the latest technologies in the air transport sector, regionally and globally. Additionally, the company has formed significant partnerships with major companies to enhance operations, expand destinations, and share expertise.

As a testament to its remarkable progress, Kuwait Airways was recognized with the award for the Most Improved Airline by Skytrax. The organization specializes in evaluating airlines. In 2023, the company achieved the 42nd rank, a significant jump from its previous position of 76th place in 2022.

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