McDonald’s has a landmark new branch in Dubai

The new storefront is partially solar powered, and fully run by female employees
McDonald’s has a landmark new branch in Dubai
McDonald's opens 197th branch in the UAE

McDonald’s UAE has just opened its 197th restaurant in the Emirates. Located in Umm Suqeim 2, Dubai, the venue represents a remarkable milestone for the company. Why? The first-of-its-kind branch is run entirely by a team of female employees. Notably, this venue is partially powered by solar energy.

The intention behind the new branch reflects McDonald’s commitment to promoting gender diversity within the fast food industry. The move comes after the establishment of the McDonald’s UAE Women Leadership Network in 2020, which supports female team members within the company.

Mickeys goes green 

Not only is the restaurant promoting gender inclusivity, but it’s also making strides towards sustainability. The company has been actively working to offset its carbon footprint for years through its BioDiesel program, converting used cooking oil into biodiesel for their trucks. Since the launch of its biodiesel initiative in July 2011, McDonald’s UAE has been collecting 100% of its used cooking oil from restaurants and converting it into biodiesel. This biodiesel is then used to power the company’s logistics fleet. As a result of this initiative, the trucks have traveled a remarkable distance of over 23.6 million kilometers using 100% biodiesel since the partnership began. This has led to significant environmental benefits, saving over 25 million kilograms of CO2e emissions.

In addition to the female-led workforce and solar panels, the location also offers electric car charging ports. The new restaurant in Umm Suqeim introduces curbside ordering, allowing customers to conveniently place orders digitally from designated parking spaces. Furthermore, the branch in Umm Suqeim 2 is open 24/7.

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A UAE landmark 

Walid Fakih, CEO at McDonald’s UAE, expressed pride in the company’s commitment to empowering women and providing equal opportunities. He comments, “Our people and our planet are at the heart of McDonald’s UAE operations, and the newest restaurant in Umm Suqeim brings innovation, sustainability and inclusivity all together. We take immense pride in empowering women and providing equal opportunities in every aspect of the business. The new restaurant forms part of our commitment to uplift our female talent, showcasing their drive and enthusiasm while also contributing to a greener planet.”

Since its arrival in the UAE in 1994, McDonald’s has been a responsible member of the community. The company actively supports charitable and humanitarian initiatives through its partnership with Emirates Red Crescent. Moreover, McDonald’s UAE collaborates with the Emirates Environmental Group to promote green values and sustainable initiatives.

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