Microsoft to invest $18 billion in Qatar over 5 years

Cloud data centers will create 36,000 jobs in Qatar
Microsoft to invest $18 billion in Qatar over 5 years
A photo from the event

Qatar’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology said that cloud data centers will be established in collaboration with tech giant Microsoft, with an investment of more than $18 billion. The new data center area will contribute to promoting economic growth, supporting the country’s efforts to achieve economic diversification, and attracting foreign investments, according to the Ministry.

According to Forbes magazine, Microsoft’s investment in establishing a cloud data center region in Qatar will exceed $18 billion. The facilities in Qatar will be Microsoft’s 55th worldwide.

According to Lana Khalaf, General Manager of Microsoft Qatar, the project will create approximately 36,000 jobs in Qatar and transform it into a “digital hub for the region and the world.”

Local and global businesses will benefit from the launch of the Microsoft Cloud Data Centers area as it is now possible to use Microsoft Azure to develop applications supporting artificial intelligence (AI), data analysis, Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and cloud services capabilities in a secure and advanced cloud environment.

The growing number of cloud data centers around the world serve as massive repositories filled with servers that help businesses, governments, and organizations store and process information.

Cloud data and IT services are dominated globally by US technology companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

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