New report reveals top three second-home locations for Dubai buyers

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New report reveals top three second-home locations for Dubai buyers
Da Vinci Tower, Dubai

Real estate company Savills identified the top three second-home locations with easy access to a major world city for Dubai buyers. The locations that made the list of the top three locations for second homes were the Maldives, Seychelles, and Costa del Sol in Spain.  

The new study ranks the locations based on the residential offering, wellness amenities, and connectivity.

According to Savills, buyers looking to improve their lifestyle are increasingly demanding more indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as health and wellness amenities and internet connectivity. All of these residences have recreational facilities and are located near some of the world’s major cities.

For Dubai, which is one of the top performers in the Savills World Cities Prime Residential Index, its strategic location gives it access to second-home markets in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Swapnil Pillai, Associate Director of Middle East Research commented, “With its unique and strategic geographical location, Dubai is easily accessible to the east and the west, allowing its primary ex-pat residents a range of options to choose from for their second homes. Further, Dubai International Airport is one of the most connected airports internationally, which ensures that people can seamlessly move between their residences located in multiple locations.”

Savills revealed that the French Riviera is the top destination for three world cities. The depth of the property market, an abundance of wellness activities, and strong connectivity have kept the international destination on buyers’ wish lists for over a century, it explained.

It added that Spain was also a key market for second homes for buyers from across Europe. Sotogrande, the wider Costa del Sol, and the Balearics were revealed as key destinations for buyers from Germany, other northern European nations, and even Dubai.

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