Qatar implements up to QAR 1 mn in fines for vehicle noise violations

Dealerships and service providers given 30-60 days to comply
Qatar implements up to QAR 1 mn in fines for vehicle noise violations
Vehicle noise

The Qatari Ministry of Commerce and Industry has confirmed that vehicle dealerships and service providers in Qatar who violate the vehicle noise standards may face severe penalties of up to QAR 1 million ($274,000) or imprisonment for a maximum of two years.

Authorities released an official circular mandating all vehicles, including cars and motorcycles, to comply with the noise level specifications prescribed by the Qatar General Organisation for Standards and Metrology (QS). 

This significant action is part of a continued nationwide effort to curb noise pollution, which has been a concern for several years following complaints from residents in certain areas, such as Lusail Marina.

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The Consumer Protection and Combating Commercial Fraud Department within the Ministry issued an official directive outlining the obligations of car and motorcycle dealers and maintenance service providers in compliance with the law. The circular specifies the following norms and standards for controlling vehicle noise levels:

  • Gulf Standard Specifications: Cars — Noise Pollution from the mechanical products specification sector.
  • Gulf Standard Specifications: Motorcycles — Noise Pollution from the mechanical products specification sector.

Any business found in violation may face administrative closures for up to three months, in addition to penalties. The ministry emphasized that the noise level of all vehicles, regardless of fuel type, must comply with the specified limit in decibel (dB).

Corrective measures

The circular mandates that all noise level measurements must be taken while the engine is running and the vehicle is in motion. Any infringement of these guidelines is explicitly regarded as a violation of laws regarding Consumer Protection.

To reduce noise pollution, service providers and car dealers must take corrective measures, such as discontinuing the sale of spare parts that contribute to sound amplification. The circular also requires dealers to recall vehicles equipped with such parts to modify them and eliminate the components that violate state-standard specifications.

All relevant dealerships and maintenance centers have a 30 to 60-day period from the issue date of the circular to ensure complete compliance with the regulations.

In addition, the ministry announced plans to launch a collaborative campaign with the Ministry of Interior (MoI) called the ‘Noise Pollution from Cars and Motorcycles’ campaign next month to raise awareness on the issue. The campaign aims to ensure that all dealerships and maintenance centers comply with Qatari standards and regulations.

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