Qatar takes on digital economy with new Meta connection

Partnership aims to promote digital transformation in small businesses
Qatar takes on digital economy with new Meta connection
Digital transformation

As part of its effort to create a knowledge-based digital economy, Qatar’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology signed a partnership agreement with Facebook’s parent Meta. 

Through this partnership, the Ministry will explore opportunities for collaboration with Meta in various key sectors, including upgrading community skills, digitizing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and providing economic support.

This agreement is a part of the MoCIT’s efforts to implement a thorough digital transformation for all businesses of all sizes, in order to realize its vision of developing human capital capabilities in the field of the digital economy.

Moreover, as part of this collaboration, MoCIT and Meta launched a national program that will host a series of online training sessions and workshops. The program will further support the digitization and expansion of SMEs. 

Qatar is working to increase the size of its digital economy. In 2011, industry accounted for 73.21percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) while services accounted for 28.56 percent. In 2020, industry amounted to 52.33 percent while services were 52.74 percent, according to Statista

Qatar’s wealth has traditionally come from energy. Oil and gas are responsible for around 40 percent of the GDP