Saudi-Jordan joint statement emphasizes continued cooperation

Both sides to boost partnership in food security, health, and education
Saudi-Jordan joint statement emphasizes continued cooperation
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Jordan's King Abdullah ll

Saudi and Jordan issued a joint statement today at the conclusion of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s visit to Amman and meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah II. Senior officials from the two sister Kingdoms participated in the discussions, and both sides praised the work being done to promote equitable economic goals with the guidance and support of the two nations’ leaders. The two sides highlighted the importance of joint action to boost economic and investment cooperation.

They also emphasized the importance of following up on the outcomes of the meetings of the seventeenth session of the Saudi-Jordanian Joint Committee, as well as the agreements that arose from it, which contributed to expanding and strengthening cooperation in a number of fields.

The two parties discussed ways to strengthen economic, trade, and investment relations, as well as aspects of cooperation in the transportation and logistics sectors.

In addition, they stressed the significance of expanding and diversifying joint investment cooperation, including mining, infrastructure, agriculture, tourism, culture, health care, and information technology, as well as creating more job opportunities, which contribute to promoting economic growth in the two countries and serving their common interests.

Saudi welcomed Jordan’s announcement of its 10-year plan for economic transformation as well as the potential for future collaboration that this vision offers.

Jordan commended Saudi for supporting development initiatives in a number of industries, particularly the transportation and energy sectors. It also lauded the role Saudi investments have played in developing a number of industries in Jordan. 

In the area of energy, the two sides underlined the value of advancing joint cooperation in the fields of energy efficiency, innovation, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) in the energy sector, and the development of clean technologies for the use of hydrocarbon resources in various applications in the industrial and construction fields. They also highlighted the importance of maintaining cooperation in the two countries’ electrical interconnection.

Moreover, Jordan expressed its support for Saudi’s efforts in the field of climate change and welcomed the launch of both the Saudi Green Initiative and the Middle East Green Initiative.  

The two parties underlined their desire to further collaborate and develop expertise in the areas of sustainable energy and carbon capture, storage, and utilization.

They both praised Saudi companies’ projects and investments in Jordan’s renewable energy sector and emphasized the importance of cooperation to exchange expertise in developing renewable energy projects and technologies.

 The two parties welcomed the expansion of their cooperation in the field of hydrogen, technology development, and experience exchange. To use best practices in hydrogen project management.

Furthermore, they highlighted the significance of ongoing cooperation in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy, as well as strengthening collaboration in the fields of nuclear and radiological control.

On the other hand, the two sides expressed their desire to promote partnership in the fields of food security, health, and education, as well as to encourage the discovery of new opportunities, particularly in combating global epidemics and pandemics and investing in the health sector, digital health, and other health areas.

The two countries emphasized the importance of accelerating bilateral cooperation in the fields of culture, tourism, sports, and youth, exchanging and developing partnerships, and exploring the two countries’ wealth and energies in order to achieve development and prosperity.

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