Say goodbye to paper-based transactions with the UAE Pass digital identity solution

For seamless digital experience, enhanced security
Say goodbye to paper-based transactions with the UAE Pass digital identity solution
UAE Ministry of Finance enables 'UAE Pass' for all services

In an effort to bolster the digital experience of its citizens, the UAE Ministry of Finance (MoF) has made an exciting announcement. Effective Wednesday, August 2, MoF has enabled the use of UAE Pass digital identity for all its services across various systems. This move is in line with the UAE’s ongoing efforts to enhance the digital quality of life, making it easier and more convenient for people to access the ministry’s services. With this development, individuals can now enjoy a seamless and secure digital experience when accessing MoF’s services, all thanks to the convenience and reliability of UAE Pass digital identity.

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The MoF’s latest move is a significant step towards enhancing the country’s digital transformation journey and phasing out paper-based transactions. By enabling the use of UAE Pass digital identity across all its systems, the ministry is taking a giant leap towards a more streamlined and efficient digital experience.

Starting from August 2023, the ministry of Finance is set to replace the traditional login feature on its services page with the UAE Pass login mechanism. In light of this development, MoF encourages its customers to register with the UAE Pass digital identity to continue benefiting from its digital services.

Primary objective 

The primary objective behind the development of the digital identity solution was to ensure that it adheres to the highest standards of security, confidentiality, and information accuracy. The solution aims to streamline processes and enhance the overall user experience when accessing services provided by local and federal governments, as well as other service providers. The UAEPass smartphone application plays a significant role in providing users with a seamless and secure experience. The application is readily accessible on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, enabling users to access various services conveniently.

Upon downloading the UAEPass smartphone application, users will be prompted to activate their digital identity account. This process involves scanning their Emirates ID, verifying the data, setting up a PIN, and verifying the account through facial recognition. Once this process is complete, users can access various services through the smartphone app without requiring usernames and passwords. Additionally, they can sign documents digitally and verify data accuracy without the need to visit service centers, providing a more convenient and efficient experience.

Secure login mechanism

The UAE Pass offers a secure login mechanism for various websites and applications related to government and semi-government entities, as well as private companies across the UAE. It enables users to access over 6,000 services provided by more than 130 organisations in both the local and federal governments, as well as the private sector.

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