How to check and pay traffic fines in Sharjah

Know the various online and in-person methods
How to check and pay traffic fines in Sharjah
Sharjah imposes fines on various traffic violations

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known for prioritizing public safety and order on the roads. This is evident in the long list of traffic fines the different emirates implement. Traffic fines help keep road users disciplined. The fines may vary for each emirate, so if you want to know how to check and pay your fines in Sharjah, this article is your guide.

List of Sharjah traffic fines

As a driver, vehicle owner and even a pedestrian, you have the responsibility to know and obey traffic rules and regulations. Failing to abide by these will lead to fines, black points and vehicle confiscation. If you hit 24 black points, you can have your license suspended.

Here are some of the most common traffic fines in Sharjah.

Description Fine Black points Vehicle confiscation period
Exceeding the maximum speed limit by more than 80 km/h AED3,000 23 60 days
Exceeding the maximum speed limit by more than 60 km/h AED2,000 12 30 days
Exceeding the maximum speed limit by not more than 60 km/h AED1,500 6 15 days
Heavy vehicle does not meet safety standards AED2,000 6
Parking in front of fire nozzles or in special needs zone AED1,000 6
Parking in a zone dedicated to taxis AED500 4
Walking at night/in fog without lights AED500 4
Modifying vehicle engine or chassis without a license AED1,000 12 30 days
Driving a vehicle with invalid lighting AED400 6
Bypassing red light signal in light vehicles AED1,000 12 30 days
Driving the vehicle in the reverse direction AED600 4 7 days
Not wearing seat belts while driving AED400
Not leaving enough distance behind the front vehicles AED400 4
Making sudden lane changes AED1,000 4
Wrong overtaking AED600 6
Being busy on the road while driving the vehicle in any way AED800 4
Not giving preference to emergency vehicles, ambulances, police or official processions AED1,000 6
Driving a vehicle with an expired license AED500 4 7 days
Driving under the influence of alcohol By court 23 60 days
Causing a serious accident or injuries By court 23 30 days
Causing someone’s death By court 23 60 days

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How to check traffic fines in Sharjah

Like how it is in other emirates in the UAE, checking the fines you incurred in Sharjah is easy. There are various online and in-person methods. 

Method 1: Via the Sharjah Police website or app

Visit the Sharjah Police website and go to the “Traffic & Licensing Services” section. Then, choose “Traffic Fines.” You will be taken to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) portal where you can log in and inquire about fines. You can use your traffic file number, license plate number or license number to search for any outstanding fines.

The Sharjah Police also has an app where you can access your traffic fine information. Simply download it to your device, register and log in.

Method 2: Via the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)

Head on to the EVG website and log in to your account. If you don’t have an account yet, you must register first. Once logged in, navigate to “Traffic Services” and use your ticket code number, license number or plate number to see your outstanding traffic fines.

Method 3: Via the Sharjah Road and Transportation Authority (SRTA)

Visit the SRTA website and select “Fine Inquiry,” then click on the “Start Service” button. Then, fill out the necessary fields. You may inquire by traffic code number, license plate number, plate data, or fine number.

Method 4: Via the Sharjah Municipality website

Go to the Sharjah Municipality website, navigate to “Smart Services” and choose “Pay Vehicle Fines” under the “Public Parking Department Services” tab. “Click on the “Enter the Service” button and fill out the online form. You can inquire by fine number or plate number. After inputting your details, click on the “Search” button, and your traffic-related information will appear.

Method 5: Via a Sharjah Police station

If you want to inquire in person, visit a police station near you and ask about your fines at the service counter. The staff can help access your information and provide it to you.

sharjah traffic fines

How to pay your Sharjah traffic fines

To avoid any hassle, paying your traffic fines early is a wise move. Here’s how you can settle your fines.

Method 1: Via the MOI website

On the website, select “Payment of Traffic Fines.” Sign in with your UAE Pass (sign up if you don’t have an account yet). Go to “Traffic Fines” and inquire about your fines either through your license, traffic or plate number. The website will show the location/s where you committed a traffic violation alongside the fine amount. Select a location and click on the “Pay Now” button.

Method 2: Via the EVG website

Upon checking your fines on the EVG website, you can next select the violation penalties you intend to pay. Simply click on “Pay Now” to go to the payment page. 

Method 3: Via the Sharjah Police app

When you’re on the app, check the traffic fines you’ve incurred and simply follow the provided instructions for online payment.

Method 4: In person

If you prefer or require in-person interactions, prepare by gathering the necessary documents like your Emirates ID and vehicle registration. 

Visit the designated traffic department or service center at any Sharjah Police station or other specified locations. These include the Public Parking Department building in Industrial Area 5, the Sharjah City Municipality Center in Al Khalidiya, Tasjeel Village on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, and the Sharjah Municipality Headquarters in Al Manakh. Payments can typically be made via cash or credit or debit cards. You can also visit Sahl payment kiosks in malls and public spaces to pay your traffic fines.

Frequently asked questions

What types of traffic violations can result in fines in Sharjah?

The emirate imposes fines on various traffic violations, including overspeeding, running red lights, illegal parking and driving without a valid license or registration.

How can I check for traffic fines in Sharjah?

Check online through the Sharjah Police website or app, the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) website, the Sharjah Road and Transportation Authority website, the Sharjah Municipality website or in person at a Sharjah Police station.

How can I pay my traffic fines in Sharjah?

Pay online via the Ministry of Interior website, EVG website, Sharjah Police app, or in person at Sharjah Police stations. Other specified locations include the Public Parking Department, Sharjah City Municipality Center, Tasjeel Village and the Sharjah Municipality Headquarters.

Is there a deadline for paying traffic fines in Sharjah?

Yes, fines should be paid within a specified timeframe to avoid additional penalties.

Can I contest a traffic fine in Sharjah?

Yes, fines can be contested within 30 days of issuance either online through the Sharjah Police website or at their service centers.

Final thoughts

Compliance with traffic rules in Sharjah is essential for road safety. With various options to check and manage your violations, settling your Sharjah traffic fines has never been easy. Make sure you pay promptly to avoid extra penalties.

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